Review: Emirates B777 Business Class, Cebu-Dubai via Clark


Emirates B777 business class, Cebu to Dubai

Cebu & Expo 2020 Flying Emirates First & Business Class

It´s time to fly back home from Cebu. This time, I booked a stop-over in Dubai where I will stay for a few days for the Expo2020. As always, great and friendly crew on this flight!

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Flight: EK338
Departure time in Cebu (CEB): 17:55 (actual 18:05)
Arrival time in Dubai (DXB): 1:15 +1 (actual 00:57)
Aircraft: Boeing 777 (A6-EGC)
Seat: 10A
Duration: 11h 20m including lay over in Clark
Date of flight: September 28, 2021
*This is a revenue ticket, Business Class flight #220

A Short Stay in Cebu

After the mandatory 14 day quarantine, I only had 12 days left in my vacation to explore Cebu. Of course, traveling nowadays is no longer the same and I was extremely cautious not to go to crowded places. Below are some of the photos during my stay in Cebu.

Magellans Marker and Lapu-lapu Shrine

The Mactan Newtown, our home in Cebu 😍

Mactan Newtown Beach

Halo-halo, my favorite dessert 😋

Capiz Christmas Lantern which I would take with me to Stockholm 👍

Mactan Cebu Airport

I arrived at the airport (Domestic, Terminal 1) about 3 hours before departure and went straight to the right side of the terminal for security and check-in. It is sad that due to the pandemic, the international terminal had been closed and all operations were transferred to Terminal 1.

The International Terminal has been temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

On the way to security.

Check-in, Desk 39

The check-in desks were fairly empty when I arrived. There was a couple ahead of me in the business class check-in and after about 10 minutes, it was my turn.

Check-in went smoothly and shortly after, I was given my boarding pass as well as a meal voucher since no lounge was open.
Meal voucher for 1000 pesos to be used at The Bakery located before immigration.

The Bakery

The Bakery

Seafood ramen, rice with 2 pieces chicken wings


A bottle of water and guava juice 😋

The meal was very good especially the seafood ramen 👍

Boarding, Gate 10

Around 15:55, I cleared immigration and settled in one of the chairs by the gate.

Qatar Airways crew 😉 

Boarding was scheduled to start at 17:15 but we had to wait 10 more minutes before it actually began, with premium passengers getting priority boarding.

Aircraft, Boeing 777

Our ride to Dubai 😀

Business Class Cabin

The bigger business class cabin was pretty empty with only 6 seats being occupied.

Seat, 10A

Seats 10A and 10B

Personal screen, seat 10A

The crew on this flight were the same crew who flew from Dubai. They were actually getting off in Clark where a new crew would replace them. Moments after settling in, I was offered something to drink.

The choice was between a glass of champagne and ginger ale. I asked if I could have a glass of apple juice instead and got one.

A glass of apple juice

Face mask and hand sanitizer were also offered.

At 17:45, Steven the captain (from the Netherlands) came on the PA to welcome us on this short flight to Clark, informing us of our flight time of 1 hour.

Moments later, the menu card was offered. For this short flight to Clark, a choice between 2 sandwiches were offered as well as a dessert.

Inflight Safety Video

At 17:55, the inflight safety video was played on the screen.


Airshow enroute to Clark


Mediterranean vegetables on Ciabatta with parmesan and pesto, muffin and green tea 😋

Inflight Entertainment

From the list of movies, I ended up watching "Cruella"

Landing in Clark Airport

We landed in Clark airport at 19:03 although it took us sometime before we reached our gate.

We had about an hour in Clark Airport where all the other passengers from Dubai got off and where some 50 new passengers in economy and 1 in business class joined us for our flight to Dubai. It was also the time for the cleaners to unload the dirty linens among others. The luggage check for us who started our journey in Cebu was also done this time.

Emirates B777 Business Class, Clark to Dubai

At 20:24, an announcement was made that new passengers were arriving. About 10 minutes later, the captain (Daniel) came on the PA to give us his welcome greetings and some flight info including our flight time to Dubai of 8 hours.

With the new crew working on this flight, Alessandra a joyful lady from Poland came to introduce herself and offered me something to drink. The choice was between champagne, fresh orange juice or apple juice and I chose a glass of apple juice as usual.

I was also presented the menu card shortly after and the usual hand sanitizer and face mask.

Of course, the usual amenity kit from Bulgari was also offered. This was the same kit I got on the outbound.

Already in the seat pocket in front of me was the socks and eyeshades pack.

At 20:43 we had our pushback followed by the safety video being played on the screen. At exactly 9pm, we took off for Dubai.

Turn Down Service

At 9:10pm, turn down service was offered, followed by hot towels. Alessandra also came to take my meal order and I chose the marinated prawn and beef in oyster sauce for my dinner with the usual apple juice for drinks.

Complimentary Wifi

By logging in to my Skywards account, I was able to enjoy free wifi for messaging apps 👍


Apple juice and warm nuts

Menu card

Menu card

Menu card

The marinated prawn with Filipino style aubergine salad tasted great 😋

Moments later, one of the flight attendants came to offer bread and I settled for a roll.

This beef in oyster sauce is definitely one of the best meals I´ve had in business class 😋

Dessert and pralines 👌

Alessandra was also able to secure me a coffee cup with Emirates logo from the cockpit. Thanks so much Alessandra.

Time to Sleep

After a very satisfying dinner, it was time to go to sleep with these twinkling stars above 😊 I was able to take a few hours sleep even if the seat is not lie flat. I woke up with just an hour before landing. I was asked if I wanted to eat something and I just asked for a cup of green tea which was served immediately.

Landing in Dubai Airport

We landed in Dubai before 1am, way ahead of our schedule 👍

Covid Test

Since the Philippines is one of the countries where swab test upon arrival in Dubai is required, I headed to the testing center for business class passengers.

The process went quickly and as for the result, I was told I´d get an sms with in 8 hours.

Arrival in Dubai

Fast track was a big help and I was on the way to the free chauffeur drive to the hotel in a few minutes.

Complimentary drive to the hotel 👍


There it was, another great flight in Emirates business class. The food was great, the crew were friendly as always and the seat even if it was not lie flat was still comfortable. Of course, I got the Bulgari amenity kit which is one of my favorites. To all the crew on this flight, Shukran. Special shout out to Alessandra for getting me another item for my avgeek collection 👍