Review: Emirates B777 Business Class, Dubai-Cebu

Emirates Boeing 777 business class, Dubai to Cebu

Cebu & Expo 2020 Flying Emirates First & Business Class

After my fantastic flight from Frankfurt to Dubai in first class, it was time to take my connecting flight to Cebu. When I booked this flight, it was supposed to be operated by a two-class Boeing 77L with only economy and (I was guessing) new business class seats as the configuration was 2-2-2. Unfortunately, the aircraft was changed to a Boeing 777 with a 3 class configuration. I am not a big fan of the business class seat on Emirates B777 because they are not lie flat. Still, I was positive that even with the "old seat", this flight would be a great one. And I was right.

Flight: EK338
Departure time in Dubai (DXB): 2:55 (actual 3:09)
Arrival time in Cebu (CEB): 16:20 (actual was 16:02)
Aircraft: Boeing 777 (A6-EGB)
Seat: 9K transferred to 8K
Duration: actual 8h 53m
Date of flight: September 2, 2021
*This is a revenue ticket, Business Class flight #219

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Dubai International Hotel (Complimentary stay from Emirates)

Since I was eligible for the Dubai Connect program, I was given a complimentary stay at the Dubai International Hotel in Concourse B of Terminal 3.

Emirates Business Class Lounge, T3 Concourse B

In between my stay in the hotel room, I was visiting the Emirates Business Class Lounge for some meals and snacks as I was only offered one free meal voucher by the hotel.

Boarding, Gate B30

I checked out of the hotel at 1:30am and headed directly to the gate. From the hotel, it was a good 10 minute walk.

Gate B30 is actually the farthest gate in the eastern side of the B concourse, together with gates B29, B31 and B32.


During pre-boarding, passengers were given face shields as it is required upon disembarking in Cebu. The OneHealthPass QR code was also asked by the agent aside from the usual Mactan Airport QR code. This requirement (of OneHealthPass QR code) is actually new as it was announced in August 29 (if I´m not mistaken) and it was effective September 1. Many of the passengers did not have it and were forced to fill up the health declaration form using their mobile phones which took time. Luckily, I had done it a couple of days ago. Of course, it would turn out that the only QR code required when we arrived in Mactan Airport was their own QR code and no one demanded to see the OneHealthPass QR code.

At 2:02am, an announcement was made informing the passengers that they will start boarding in 10 minutes. Sure enough, boarding began at 2:12am beginning with first and business class passengers as well as those with status and those who needed assistance.


As expected, there was a separate passenger bridge for first and business class passengers.


Business Class Cabin

I was greeted by a flight attendant by the door and directed to the right side of the plane towards the bigger business class cabin where my seat 9K was located.

This was supposedly the seat map for the B77L (2-class) with a total of 36 seats in business class.

This is the seat map on the actual flight with the B777 with 42 seats total in business class.

Seat 9K (then changed to 8K)

My seat 9K

Already waiting at my seat is a blanket, headphones and a pillow. I have previously flown business class on this type of aircraft in March 2016 on my flight from Dubai to Stockholm where I sat behind the King of Sweden so I knew more or less what the seat features are.

Personal screen, safety onboard card, air-sickness bag, a set of socks and eyeshades and a 500ml bottled water from Mai Dubai.

The touch screen mode controller is the older version 😐

View from my seat

Pre-departure Beverage

At 2:30am, I was offered some pre-departure beverage. There was a choice of champagne, orange juice, grapefruit juice and hibiscus, ginger & grape juice. 

I asked if I could have a glass of apple juice instead which was served moments later.

Business Class Amenity Kit

Amenity kits were offered moments later. And since it is Covid times, face mask and hand sanitizers were also offered.

I opened the amenity kit when I got home and the contents included a dental kit, a 50ml shaving foam and razor by Gentlemen´s Tonic, a pack of tissue, Rexona deodorant and Bulgari Aqua products (7ml lip balm, 40ml body emulsion, 40ml aftershave balm and 5ml Aqua eau de toilette).

Menu & Wine List

A few minutes later, I was offered the menu card and wine list. Hot towels were also offered.

Around 2:46am, the captain came on the PA to give us some flight information including our flight time of 8 hours and 55 minutes.

Shortly after, the immigration card, health declaration card and customs form were distributed by the crew.


Pushback was at 2:56am followed by the safety video being shown on the screen.

Safety video

At 3:10am, we were airborne πŸ˜‰ Since there was no passenger seated in 8K, I asked the flight attendant if I could transfer there and upon checking with her colleague and letting her know my final destination was Cebu, I was given a go signal.

Turn down service πŸ‘

The good thing about my new seat 8K was that the legroom was better and the seat beside me was vacant as well.


Beverage list


Wines, spirits, whiskey, Cognac

Light bites and Breakfast

The Champagne onboard was MΓΆet & Chandon Imperial Brut

White (S de Suduiraut 2017), rose (pret a Boire Rose 2018) and red (Chateau Moulinet 2009) and (Two Hands Lilys Garden Shiraz).

Dessert wine: Muffato della Sala Antinori 2015 from Italy 

I was informed by the flight attendant of the meal service on this flight, that there would be "light bites" and then breakfast before landing. I chose the Chicken and Oyster Chilli from the light bites menu and the Stir-fried Beef with Oyster sauce and flat rice noodles for breakfast (and that it was okay for her to wake me up for breakfast).

The Chicken and Oyster Chilli Sauce was fantastic πŸ˜‹

To end the meal, I had a cup of green tea which was served with a sugar bowl.


There are two lavatories in the business class cabin located between row 7 and row 8.

Lovely orchid

Offered in the lavatory were dental kits, combs and small tubes of 12ml Voya hand cream.

There were also towels and Bulgari perfumes for men and women.


Inflight Entertainment

From the "Awards TV" selection, I watched a bit of Black-ish before going to sleep.

Stars everywhere πŸ˜‰

I took a picture of the passenger seated in 8B and as you can see, the seat is not lie flat unfortunately.

I was able to sleep a little and woke up around 1pm (Philippine time) which was about 3 hours before landing.

Mood lighting about 2 hours before landing πŸ˜‰

Abour 2:20pm, an announcement was made informing the passengers that breakfast would be served soon.

A male flight attendant taking meal orders.

The flight attendant taking care of my side of the cabin asked if I wanted to have some yogurt with my breakfast meal, I declined. Interestingly, no hot towels were offered before the meal service.

As expected, the beef in oyster sauce was really good πŸ˜‹

I was also offered some bread and chose a muffin.

A cup of green tea and a glass of apple juice.

While enjoying my breakfast, I decided to check out some live TV and ended up watching CNN.

With 40 minutes before landing, the captain was back on the PA to give us some flight update, that we would start our descent in 15 minutes, with 32 degrees in Cebu and that we would be landing at 4pm.

Landing in Mactan Cebu Airport

We landed in Cebu at 4:02pm, 18 minutes ahead of schedule. After disembarkation, I took one last look at the Boeing 777 that flew us from Dubai, one that has the EXPO 2020 livery.


I have to admit that flying in Emirates business class if it is operated by a Boeing 777 with old seats is not one of my favorites. The seats are not lie flat and the configuration in 2-3-2 is no longer competitive. However, the friendly crew, the fantastic meals and the Bulgari amenity kit were more than enough for me to forget the seat issue. That no hot towels were offered before serving breakfast was a bit frustrating but my proximity to the lavatory easily solved the problem. Overall, it was a very nice flight. To all the crew on this flight, Shukran πŸ˜‰