EXPO 2020 Dubai

The UK Pavilion, EXPO 2020
Cebu & Expo 2020 Flying Emirates First & Business Class
I knew I would be transiting in Dubai in the end of September so I decided to make a one week stop-over in Dubai and asked Mike to join me as well to make sure we would have the opportunity of a lifetime and visit the EXPO 2020. I bought a seasonal pass where I would have access for the whole 6 months while Mike had free access as well for the same period as a senior citizen. It also gave us time to check out different Hilton properties during our stay including the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah and the Habtoor Palace Dubai

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The Metro takes you direct to the entrance of the EXPO.

Getting to the EXPO site was easy as there is a direct Metro line that will get you direct to the entrance of EXPO. On our first day at the EXPO, we had to go thru security and undergo the usual verification of tickets as well as the need to present our EU Vaccine certificates. Restaurants were lacking during the first day of the EXPO although it eventually got better and more restaurants opened in the following days.

With 191 country pavilions to visit inside the EXPO, it was impossible to visit all during our 3 day visit there. The site is enormous that I doubt one could visit all there is to see in 10 days either. The weather was also very hot as it was still 34 degrees even in the evening. Still, we managed to visit several pavilions and watch a concert on the second day of the opening.

EXPO 2020 entrance

EXPO 2020 entrance in the evening πŸ‘

After security, we headed to the Al Wasl Plaza which is the heart of the EXPO connecting the three thematic districts.

Al Wasl Plaza with the Rove Hotel on the right side and the Leadership Pavilion on the left.

The dome becomes really beautiful at night with all the light effects πŸ˜‰

It also transforms into a big screen to show different films from the UAE.

Map of the EXPO

EXPO robot

EXPO robot

Hand sanitizers and trash cans

On the second day of the EXPO, we watched the concert in the Dubai Millenium Amphitheater where one of the three artists who performed included the Philippines very own Juan Karlos πŸ‘

Below are some of the Pavilions we personally visited:

China Pavilion

Inside the China Pavilion with its future train

Austria Pavilion

Inside the Austria Pavilion

Italy Pavilion

3D copy of Michelangelo´s David inside the Italy Pavilion

Norway Pavilion

Guests watch several screens during a visit in the Norway Pavilion

Luxembourg Pavilion

A very modern presentation inside the Luxembourg Pavilion, which is definitely one of the best pavilions we have seen during our 3 day visit to the EXPO πŸ‘ They also have a fine dining restaurant.

Kyrgysztan Pavilion: There are pavilions which are ready for use and were built by the Thematic District. They are like small shops where guests go inside and explore, and one of the countries using this is Kyrgyzstan.

The Samoa Pavilion is another country using this theme.

Sweden Pavilion

Inside the Swedish forest, there is the famous Swedish brand IKEA with a restaurant selling kΓΆttbullar among others πŸ˜‰

Philippines Pavilion

Art work inside the Philippines Pavilion

The famous Filipino dessert Halo-Halo in the Mangrove Restaurant, Philippines Pavilion

Canada Pavilion

The Canada Pavilion has one of the most interesting video films we have seen at the EXPO πŸ‘

Inside the Portugal Pavilion, the video clip was very informative and entertaining just like the one from Canada Pavilion πŸ‘

Qatar Pavilion

It was like experiencing the Q-suites of Qatar Airways when you enter the Qatar Pavilion with its modern and impressive design πŸ‘

Emirates Pavilion

Inside the Emirates Pavilion showcasing the future of aviation πŸ˜‰

The future bathtub is here πŸ‘ A photo from our visit to the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority Pavilion.

There was also a gift consisting of wet wipes, face mask and sanitizer all in inside a handy pack πŸ‘

Below are the Pavilions which we saw from the outside but did not have the time to visit.

Spain Pavilion

Saudi Arabia Pavilion

Egypt Pavilion

UK Pavilion


USA Pavilion

Japan Pavilion

India Pavilion

Germany Pavilion

Brazil Pavilion

Lithuania Pavilion

Azerbaijan Pavilion

Uzbekistan Pavilion

Israel Pavilion