Review: Qatar Airways A351 Qsuite, Singapore-Doha

Qatar Airways A350-1000 Qsuite, Singapore to Doha

After having flown Qsuite once on the B777 and thrice on the A350-900 in the last 14 months, it was time to check out Qatar Airways version of the "first in business" on the A350-1000. Join me as I take you to my flight from Singapore to Doha last month.

Trip from Europe to the US via Asia flying Qatar Airways Qsuite & Cathay Pacific First Class

In 2014, I did two round-the-world trips, flying Asiana Airlines, Lufthansa and British Airways first class using miles. This year, I´m doing it again although it will be a bit different. I will fly from Europe to the US via Asia and will take the same route on the way back so it won´t really be a complete round-the-world tour. I´m flying Qatar Airways business class and Cathay Pacific first class (thanks to the mistake fare) so I´m really looking forward to a trip full of jet lag but nevertheless fun!

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Review: Qatar Airways A351 Qsuite, Singapore-Doha
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Flight: QR943
Departure time in Singapore (SIN): 10:30
Arrival time in Doha (DOH): 13:05
Aircraft: Airbus A350-1000
Seat: 2J
Duration: 7h 35m
Date of flight: August 22, 2019
*This is a revenue ticket, Business Class flight #198

Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

A Night in Singapore

Although I´ve been to Singapore a lot of times in the past years, I´ve never visited Kampong Glam which is the Malay-Muslim neighborhood of Singapore so I decided to book a hotel in the area for a night.

Beautiful houses 😍

Masjid Sultan

Lovely cafes and restaurants 👍

Of course, I had to visit the usual attractions in Singapore too 😉

I would have watched Disney's Aladdin if I had the time as I haven´t seen it and this was the only stop of the production in the whole of Asia.

Spectra, a light and water show in front of the MBS.

The gorgeous Marina Bay Sands where we stayed for a night during our visit in 2012 😉

Gardens by the Bay show

Early Check-in at Jewel Changi Airport

This picture of the HSBC Rain Vortex was taken in August 21 when I arrived at the airport from Kuala Lumpur. Glad to have visited it since on the day of my flight to Doha (the following day), it was still closed (It is open from 8am to 12:30am).

I left the hotel pretty early and arrived at the airport at 6:40am. I went to the early check in counters at Jewel since the normal check-in counters usually opens at 7:25am.

Early check-in

Check in desks for Qatar Airways "early check in at Jewel" are open 12-3 hours before departure time.

I waited for the passengers in front of me to be helped, and then it was my turn. Moments later, I was given my boarding passes to Doha and to Stockholm. With out fast track, I was glad I could use the egates 👍

SATS Premier Lounge, Terminal 1

Qatar Airways business class passengers and those with elite status are able to access the SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 1. One of the lounge agents confirmed to me that Qatar will be opening their own lounge in Terminal 1 which will be located near the Emirates Lounge.

Aircraft, Airbus A350-1000

The gorgeous Airbus A350-1000 😍

Boarding, Gate D46

With boarding scheduled for 10am, I left the lounge around 9:45 as I knew they have security control by the gate.

At 10am, a pre-boarding announcement was made, and 5 minutes later, boarding began with business class passengers and those with status getting priority.

Qsuite Business Class Cabin

As I board, I was greeted by the CSM and directed to the right aisle.

The business class cabin on the A350-1000 consists of 46 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, from rows 1-12 with row 10 having only 2 seats. There are a total of 3 lavatories in the cabin, two in the front and one in the back.

Half part of the quad seats.

Seat map

Seat Map

Suite, 2J

Welcome to my seat, 2J

I´ve flown Qatar Airways Qsuite previously and reviews on the B777 can be found here and on the A359 in April here.

Lovely seat 👍

Personal screen

From the movie selection, I ended up watching "The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music".

Wifi was also available 👍

Qsuite safety instruction card on the A350-1000

Storage compartment/arm rest

Inside are the headphones, magazines and a bottle of water.

A good place to keep your shoes 😉

View of the Philippine Airlines plane from my seat 😉

Brics Business Class Amenity Kit

I haven´t got the red Brics female amenity kit so asked if I could have it instead of the male one. The flight attendant came with the red one and told I could keep the blue one too. Thanks so much 😉

Business class blanket


Airshow enroute to Doha

Pre-Departure Beverage

About 10:13am, one of the flight attendants came to my seat to welcome me onboard, informing me of our flight time of 7 hours and 15 minutes.

As usual, I chose a glass of apple juice and a hot towel when asked of my pre-departure beverage and choice of towel. I was also informed of the storage where I could keep my shoes. Moments later, the CSM came to my seat to welcome me onboard.

Safety Video, Taxi & Take Off

At 10:37am, the captain came on the PA to welcome us onboard, informing us of our flight time. Three minutes later, newspapers were offered by the flight attendants.

Safety video was played at 10:43am and at 10:50am, we began our push back. The flight attendants also started taking meal orders.

Xiamen Air

Air India Express B737 😉

Air Asia

View after take off at 11:04am.


Menu card, wine list and snack platter

A la carte menu

A la carte menu

Beverage menu

Snack platter menu





Dessert wine, port

Spirits, cocktails

Moments after the seat belt sign was off, the crew started with the meal service (for those who chose to have their meal served after take off).

My table was set with salt and pepper shakers, bread and butter and a lovely candle 😉

Amuse bouche: Cottage cheese and cherry tomato 😋

Crab meat and yuzu salad with edamame puree

Stir fried egg noodles with kung pao chicken 😋

Cheese plate

I was also offered port wine to go with my cheese but declined.

Gourmet ice cream selection

To end the meal, I had a cup of green tea. A hot towel and Godiva pralines were also offered.


For my snacks, I ordered the "afternoon tea" from the light options menu which was very good. I was informed that the afternoon varies by destinations.


Business class lavatory

Rituals body mist and hand cream

Dental and shaving kits were available

Lavatory with a view 👍

Landing in Doha Hamad Airport

Around 12:28pm, the captain was back on the PA to give us updated flight information, with the temperature in Doha of 38 degrees and that we expect to land at 1:15pm.

Moving camera

We landed in Doha at 1:10pm and reached our gate 9 minutes later.

Doha Hamad Airport


Having flown Qatar Airways business class from Stockholm to Singapore a few weeks earlier and having enjoyed these flights, I would say that this flight was just as enjoyable. I loved that this flight had the latest Qsuite (which many consider as the best business class) and that the crew were just fantastic. The meals on board were fantastic and I especially loved the afternoon tea. The Brics amenity kit was lovely as well. Overall, everything on this flight was lovely and I would fly with them again and again 😍