Review: Iberia A340 Business Class, Madrid to London

Iberia A340 business class cabin

Trip to Marrakesh flying British Airways, Iberia & Royal Air Maroc Business Class

Flight: IB3166/BA7058
Departure time in Madrid (MAD): 15:50 Terminal 4S
Arrival time in London (LHR): 17:15 Terminal 5 
Aircraft: Airbus A340-600 (EC-JFX, Jacinto Benavente)
Seat: 9A
Duration: 2h 25m
Date of flight: February 17, 2020
*This is a revenue ticket, Business Class flight #217

Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Iberia VIP Lounge, Velazquez

I had a tight connection in Madrid Airport although it was enough to visit the VIP Lounge Velazquez.

Boarding, Gate S18

I arrived at the departure gate at 3:12pm and saw that boarding had already started.

As a business class passenger, I had access to priority boarding, although I would have also gotten it with my BA gold status had I been flying in economy class.

Aircraft, Airbus A340-600 (Jacinto Benavente)

Airbus A340 named Jacinto Benavente

Business Class Cabin

The business class cabin has a total of 46 seats from rows 1 to 12 in a 1-2-1 configuration. I chose this flight because I knew that Iberia is using the A340, otherwise they normally use A321s like the one I flew with a few days ago from London to Madrid.

Business class cabin

Seat Map

Seat 9A

Already waiting at my window seat are the inflight magazines and wifi instruction card.

Personal screen and ottoman.

To the right of the personal screen is a coat hook.

Tray table and seat pocket

Tray table

Safety card and Iberia air-sickness bag

Around 3:40pm, the crew started offering headphones.

Wifi instruction card

Storage and lamp

Cocktail table, seat control and IFE controller

I can lower the right arm rest as I wish 👍

Storage for mobiles, etc.

110v power ports, USB port, headphones jack and bottle holder

No individual air nozzles.


Entertainment section

Movie selection

I ended up watching "Once upon a time in Hollywood".

Pushback & Take Off

Safety video

At 3:53pm, the safety video was played and 2 minutes later, we began our pushback. Take off was at 4:07pm.

Complimentary Wifi

We were also given a wifi voucher up to 4MB of usage 😉

Complimentary wifi


Around 4:23pm, the flight attendants started offering the menu cards. Moments later, the captain came on the PA informing us of our flight time of 1 hour and 40 minutes, that we would be landing in London with a temperature of 11 degrees and that there would be slight turbulence 15 minutes before the approach and during our approach to London.

Menu card

Between the steer eye filet and cream cheese stuffed pasta, I chose the former and it was fantastic 😋 I also had a glass of pineapple juice to go with my meal.

I was also offered some bread ...

... and later I asked for a cup of green tea.


This is 1 of 3 business class lavatories. There is one on the right side in the front of the cabin and two in the rear on both sides.

Lavatory toiletries




Landing in London Heathrow

At 4:28pm London time, the captain came on the PA to inform us that we would be landing shortly. The crew began collecting the headphones with 14 minutes left before landing.

View during approach.

We landed in Heathrow at 4:47pm and parked beside a Boeing 777 👍

At 4:54pm, we took the train to Flight Connections but unfortunately, the Fast Track lane was closed for security so I had to use the economy class lane which was pretty long.


It is always nice to be able to fly in a bigger aircraft on a short haul flight. I loved the seats on the A340 especially because you can turn them into fully flat beds. There were personal screens as well and I was able to watch a bit of the film "Once upon a time in Hollywood". The meat I chose was fantastic and of course the crew on this flight were lovely. Once again, another great flight on Iberia business class 😍