Review: Iberia Business Class, Marrakesh-Madrid

Iberia Business Class, Marrakech to Madrid

Trip to Marrakesh flying British Airways, Iberia & Royal Air Maroc Business Class
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Flight: IB3341
Departure time in Marrakesh (RAK): 12:45 Terminal 1
Arrival time in Madrid (MAD): 14:45 Terminal 4S
Aircraft: Airbus A320 Urkiola (EC-IZR)
Seat: 1F
Duration: 2h
Date of flight: February 17, 2020
*This is a revenue ticket, Business Class flight #216

Marrakech Menara Airport

I left the Le Meridien N´Fis around 10am and took the airport bus to Marrakech Airport. There was no traffic so I was at the airport at 10:23am on a lovely Monday morning.

Check-in, Desk A9

I went straight to the check-in desks for business class passengers and was helped by a friendly agent after assisting the 7 or so passengers in front of me on the queue.

Aside from my boarding passes all the way to Stockholm, I also got a lounge invitation to the Pearl Lounge.

Marrakech Menara Airport

I thought the design of the ceiling was lovely 😉

I had access to fast track which was appreciated. First, I was asked how much cash I had and then my rucksack was inspected. All went well and moments later, I was on my way to the lounge.

Pearl Lounge

Iberia is using Pearl Lounge for their business class passengers just like British Airways.

Boarding, Gate B5

I left the lounge around 12:10 and took the escalator downstairs to B gates.

Boarding began at 12:17pm from Gate B5.

Aircraft, A320 Urkiola

The A320 named Urkiola parked in a remote stand.

Business Class Cabin

The business class cabin on this flight consisted of seats from rows 1-3 in a 2-2 configuration where the middle seat is blocked. All of the 12 seats on this flight were occupied.

There was also wifi onboard.

Seat 1F

My seat is a bulkhead giving me more space 👍

Seat pocket

Inflight magazines, safety card, Disneyland Paris ad

Coat hook

Foldable tray table

There is also a blanket ...

... and a pillow.

Power port and USB port

Individiual air nozzles

Take Off

Pushback was at 12:50pm immediately followed by the safety demo. We took off at 1pm. Three minutes after take off, the captain came on the PA to welcome us onboard and give us the usual flight information.

View after take off.


At 1:09pm, the menu cards were distributed afterwhich, meal orders were taken.

Menu card

Between the grilled chicken breast and salmon stuffed pasta, I chose the former. I also asked for apple juice and was told that their pineapple juice is mixed with apple and grapes so I decided to have it 😉

Interestingly, the crew served me the pasta which was the one ordered by the one seated in 1D and my chicken went to him. Neither of us said anything to the cabin attendant and we just ate what we were served. The pasta actually tasted very good 😋 I was also offered some bread but declined.

After enjoying my main course, I was offered some coffee and tea and I asked for a cup of green tea. Mineral water was also offered but I declined.

Around 1:42pm, the captain came on the PA to inform us that from the right side of the plane, we could see Tangier and Gibraltar 😉


There is one lavatory located behind the cockpit, on the left side.



Landing in Madrid Barajas Airport

View before landing

We landed in Madrid Airport at 2:34pm.

As we taxiid to our gate, we passed by the DO&CO catering van 😉


It was another great flight with Iberia from Marrakech to Madrid. Access to fast track and the lounge was really appreciated. I thought the crew were friendly and the meal served was (almost) perfect 😉 The seats were also okay for a short flight. Overall, it was a very nice flight 😍