Review: Royal Air Maroc Business Class, Madrid-Casa Blanca

Departure time in Madrid (MAD): 18:40
Arrival time in Casa Blanca (CMN): 20:30
Aircraft: B737, CN-ROR
Seat: 3A
Duration: 1h 50m
Date of flight: February 13, 2020
*This is a revenue ticket, Business Class flight #214

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Missing My Connecting Flight

Although our Iberia flight from London to Madrid landed on time, it took me a long time to get from Terminal 4 to the departure gate in Terminal 4s. First, all passengers from London who were connecting either to the US or Africa were directed downstairs to take a separate bus. By the time, we got to Terminal 4S, boarding had already started and by the time I got to Gate 33 (it was around 3:48pm), the gate had already closed for the 4:10pm departure and the staff were all gone. Fortunately, Iberia was able to rebook me on the Royal Air Maroc flight to Marrakech via Casa Blanca leaving two and a half hours later.

Iberia Premium Lounge Velasquez, Madrid T4S

I had more than enough time to visit the Premium Lounge Velazquez so I first went to have a shower before having a light dinner.

Buffet spread

Buffet spread

Buffet spread


The dining room unfortunately opens from 9:30pm to 12 midnight so I guess I would have to visit this lounge again 😉

Boarding, Gate S19

Madrid Airport Terminal 4S duty free shops

I left the lounge a bit early and was at the departure gate around 5:38pm.

Boarding began at 5:52pm with those flying in business class, those with status and those needing assistance getting priority boarding.

There was a newspaper trolley outside the door.

Aircraft, Boeing 737-800 (CN-ROR)

Royal Air Maroc B737 with tail number CN-ROR

Business Class Cabin

The business class cabin on Royal Air Maroc´s Boeing 737-800 consists of 12 seats from rows 1 to 3 in a 2-2 configuration. On this flight, 10 of the 12 seats were occupied.

There was wifi connection on this aircraft although I was not able to connect to it.


Seat 3A

My seat was the last window seat on the left side of the plane.

Already waiting at my seat was a pillow.

Seat recline control

Under the left armrest if the tray table.

Foldable tray table

Unfortunately, there was no coat hook nor power outlets/USB ports. The flight attendant offered to hang the coats though inside the wardrobe.

Seat pocket

Inflight magazines, safety card and air-sickness bag

Inflight magazine

Individual air nozzles

Pre-Departure Beverage & Reading Materials

Moments after settling in, I was offered a tray of different juices and water. I chose a glass of apple juice.
The flight attendant also came by to offer some newspapers and magazine. I ended up choosing Time magazine.

Pushback & Takeoff

At 6:36pm, the captain came on the PA to give us some flight information including our flight time of 1 hour and 25 minutes.

A minute later, the safety video started to play ...

... after which we began our pushback.

At 6:52pm, we were airbourne 😉


Around 7:02pm, the flight attendant working in the business cabin came to offer hot towels. She also offered wine, water and Schweppes. Then, it was dinner time.

The whole meal was served on a tray consisting of a bowl of sliced fruits, butter, pie and a very good tasting chicken dish 😋 I believe it was Chicken pastilla (no menu card was offered).

Pie dessert


I was also offered Moroccan mint tea which I had learned to love during my whole stay in Marrakech as it was served every morning during breakfast 😍 I actually sat beside a Royal Air Maroc pilot from Bilbao who was on his way to Casa Blanca and I have to say it was a cool experience 👍


Airshow enroute to Casa Blanca





Corona Virus Clearance Form

At 7:43pm, we were given a form which had something to do with the Corona virus.

Landing in Casa Blanca Airport

We landed in Casa Blanca at 8:09pm giving me enough time to make my connecting flight to Marrakech.


I was not expecting to fly Royal Air Maroc in business class that day (well at least not until they join OneWorld alliance in April) so this came as a surprise. I loved the seats which were real business class seats. I also thought the crew were very friendly and of course, the meal was very good. I can´t wait to see how it will turn out for this airline when they officially become a OneWorld airline and I really wish them the best 😍