Review: Royal Air Maroc Business Class, Casa Blanca-Marrakech

Royal Air Maroc Business Class, Casa Blanca to Marrakech

Trip to Marrakesh flying British Airways, Iberia & Royal Air Maroc Business Class
Flight: AT405/IB1847
Departure time in Casa Blanca (CMN): 21:30
Arrival time in Marrakech (RAK): 22:20
Aircraft: B737 (CN-RGE)
Seat: 2A
Duration: 50m
Date of flight: February 13, 2020
*This is a revenue ticket, Business Class flight #215

Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Transitting in Casa Blanca Airport

Arriving from my flight from Madrid, I followed the signs to the domestic terminal.

Royal Air Maroc VIP Lounge, Casa Blanca Domestic Terminal

After security, I went straight to the Royal Air Maroc VIP Lounge in the domestic terminal.

Boarding, Gate 13

The boarding gates are located one level down in some sort of courtyard with nice local design 😍

Boarding began at 8:43pm with those flying in business class.

Then, we went outside the building terminal and waited for a bus which came after a minute or so.

Aircraft, Boeing 737-800 (CN-RGE)

By the time we reached our plane in a remote stand, it was already 9:02pm.

This Boeing 737-800 just flew from Geneva, as per the tail number.

Business Class Cabin

The business class cabin is the same as the one on my previous flight from Madrid to Casa Blanca, with seats from rows 1 to 3 in a 2-2 configuration. On this flight, only 2 seats were occupied. Based on the drop down screens, this aircraft is much newer than the one I flew with from Madrid.
There are drop down screens but no personal screens.

There is also the Sky Ram wifi connection. I tried to navigate on the mobile website to check if I could watch some movie or something 😉

As per the result, I should have downloaded first the App to be able to watch the movie. Hopefully next time 😉

Seat 2A

Seat 2A is a window seat.

Already waiting at my seat is a pillow.

The center armrest had the simple IFE controls on the side. 

There is also a cocktail table.

Under the left armrest is the foldable tray table.

Seat pocket

Inflight magazine, SKY-RAM, safety card

Wifi manual

Pre-Departure Beverage

At 9:09pm, I was offered something to drink and I chose a glass of apple juice. Then at around 9:32, another flight attendant asked if I wanted to drink something (as my previous glass had already been cleared). I declined.

Safety Video

At 9:33, the (lady)captain came on the PA to welcome us and inform us of our flight time of 25 minutes.

The safety video was played at 9:35pm and 3 minutes later, we began our pushback. At 9:50pm, we were airborne.


Airshow enroute to Marrakech


I was offered something to drink at 10:04pm and again decided to have a glass of apple juice.


Hand washing cream

Royal Air Maroc hand lotion


Landing in Marrakech Airport

View during approach

We landed in Marrakech Airport at 10:15pm and parked in a remote stand.

As usual, there was a bus waiting for us.

Marrakech Airport

It was cool to have access to fast track using my business class boarding pass 👍 

I thought the Marrakech Airport Arrival Hall was lovely 👍


For a very short flight, I thought Royal Air Maroc delivered a very good service. The domestic lounge was okay to have a place to sit and drink something. On the flight, The crew were friendly and the seats were comfortable. Being able to access fast track upon arrival in Marrakech was very much appreciated as I was able to take the bus to the city within a few minutes after clearing immigration. Overall, a very nice flight.


  1. Hi. Do you know if Fast Pass in the Marrakech airport is offered with other airlines' business class? We will be arriving on Turkish Airlines. Thanks!

    1. Hi. I am not exactly sure if Fast Track is offered to all arriving business class passengers in Marrakech but I remember there is no specified airlines so your business class boarding pass should let you use it. Have a nice trip!


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