Review: British Airways Business Class, Stockholm-London

British Airways business class, Stockholm to London

I needed some British Airways tier points to reach 2500 points by March 8, 2020 and since I haven´t been to Marrakesh and flying there was also the cheapest I could find, I did not hesitate but booked this flight. The caveat though was that I would need to first fly to London then to Madrid before getting to Marrakesh to get the needed tier points. Was it worth it? For the Gold Upgrade Voucher for two that I would get, definitely yes!

Trip to Marrakesh flying British Airways, Iberia & Royal Air Maroc Business Class

Flight: BA771
Departure time in Stockholm (ARN): 7:25 Terminal 2
Arrival time in London (LHR): 9:20 Terminal 5
Aircraft: Airbus A321-neo (G-NEOR)
Seat: 1A
Duration: 2h 55m
Date of flight: February 13, 2020
*This is a revenue ticket, Business Class flight #212

Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Stockholm Arlanda Airport Terminal 2

I arrived at Stockholm Arlanda Terminal 2 around 6:20am and headed directly to security as I already had my mobile boarding pass. Otherwise, I would have gone to desks 18-21 for the normal check-in.

Aurora Executive Lounge

Security went quickly and moments later, I was in the Aurora Executive Lounge. I´ve been to this lounge a lot of times and since nothing much has changed, I won´t be doing a photo review on a separate post. I left the lounge at 6:42am since there was the extra passport control for UK bound flights.

Aircraft, Airbus A321-neo (G-NEOR)

Airbus A321-neo

Boarding, Gate 86

At 6:50am, a pre-boarding announcement was made informing us that boarding would start in 5 minutes. Boarding started at 6:52am beginning with those flying in business class and those with status.

Business Class Cabin

The business class cabin consisted of seats from rows 1-4 in a 2-2 configuration with the middle seat being left vacant as is the norm in intra-European flights.

On this flight, only 5 of the 16 seats were taken.

British Airways logo in front of row 1, left side of the plane.

Individual air nozzles

There was also wifi on board.

Rates were 1.99£ for messaging and 6.99£ for browse and stream.

Business class cabin seat map

Seat 1A

My seat 1A is a window.

Seat 1B is vacant as usual 👍

Tray table

Tray table

USB and power ports

Literature pocket

Inflight magazine, air-sickness bag and safety card

There was also the M&S on board card which is mainly for economy class.

Economy class menu card

At 7:14am, the menu card was offered and 6 minutes later, the cabin manager came to check if everything was okay. Hot towels were also offered.

At 7:22am, the captain came on the PA to welcome us onboard, informing us of our flight time of 2 hours and 50 minutes and that we would be pushing back in 40 minutes due to heavy traffic in London.

A few minutes later, I was offered something to drink and I chose a glass of apple juice. The cabin manager also assured me that I would be able to take my connecting flight to Madrid even with the delay. Around 7:48am, the captain was back on the PA informing us that we would be ready to go and that they were asking if they could push their slot in Heathrow Airport a bit earlier.

Pushback & Take Off

We began our pushback at 8:02am with the safety demonstration being done at the same time. Take off was at 8:30am.


Menu card

Beverage list

At 8:37am, I was offered something to drink and I asked for a cup of green tea.

Twinings green tea

Moments later, breakfast was served. I had the traditional English breakfast and it was very good 😋 I was also offered refill of drinks and bread, a sign of great service 😉


The lavatory had a hand balm and hand wash by The White Company.


Landing in Heathrow Airport

The captain was back on the PA at 9:17am London time and informed us of the current temperature in London which was 6 degrees, and that we would be holding for about 15 minutes before landing in London at 10am.

View on approach to London Heathrow

We landed in London Heathrow at 10:10am on a cloudy Thursday morning.

My Iberia flight to Madrid was departing from the same terminal (Terminal 5) so I didn´t have to change terminals fortunately.

There was also fast track which is always appreciated 👍


I actually enjoyed this flight as the crew were just fantastic. There was the cabin manager and a lady flight attendant and both of them were very professional, always asking if I needed something, etc. The meal was also very good. As I had enough time to connect in Heathrow, I was not affected by the delay. Of course, it would have been great if they had over-head screens for entertainment. Overall, a very nice flight 👍