Review: IBERIA Velazquez VIP Lounge, Madrid T4S (MAD)

IBERIA Velazquez VIP Lounge bar

Last updated: March 4, 2020

Location: Terminal 4S (Non-Schengen), central area beyond shops and restaurants (boarding gates R, S, U)
Access: Iberia Business Plus and Business Class passengers departing on a same-day Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia Regional Air Nostrum flight or connecting to a oneworld flight in any class of service; Iberia Plus Platinum and Gold members departing on a same-day flight operated by Vueling, Iberia, Iberia Express, Iberia Regional, Air Nostrum, or another oneworld carrier; First class and business class passengers departing on a same-day flight operated by a  oneworld airline; oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members departing on a same-day flight operated by Iberia or another oneworld airline
Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours

Video Tour

Lounge Entrance


Lounge Guide


Kid's Zone (Play)

Nap Rooms (Rest)

TV Room (Enjoy)

Reading Materials

Business Center (Work)

Complimentary WIFI

Valid for 3 days 👍👍

Coffee Station

Between the TV Room and the Business Center is this coffee station

Dining (Taste)

There are two identical buffets located on the left and right side of the reception. The Dining Room which opens at 9:30pm is located to the left of the reception while the Bar is located to the right of the reception.

Right Side Buffet

Haagen Dazs 😋😋

Hot dishes available from 2pm 😋

Bar (Experience)


Left Side Buffet

Dining Room (Dine)

Just a little bit outside the Dining Room is this drinks station.

Coffee, tea, cold beverages

Shower Suites (Fresh Up)



The lockers are located to the right of the reception upon entering the lounge.


View of Iberia Airbus A330 😍


A few days ago, I flew from Madrid Airport flying LATAM and had a chance to visit the newly renovated IBERIA Velazquez Lounge in Terminal 4S. This is definitely a big improvement basing it on the pictures of the old lounge I saw from the internet. The design is modern and has the right colors (Iberia colors 😉) and there were lots of seating areas. I personally loved the Dining Room although I was not able to use it since I was there in the afternoon and it was not supposed to open until 9:30pm, I guess pretty much like the BA Concorde Dining Room in Heathrow T3. The buffet spread included smoked salmon, salad, pie and sandwiches among other things although just before I left, a few minutes past 2pm, they had started to put hot meals which included among others rice, vegetables and fish dishes. The self-serve bar located to the right of the reception was beautiful and had a great selection of wines and liquors. The nap room and shower suites are nice amenities considering that the lounge is open 24 hours. Overall, this is a very nice lounge with great amenities and modern design although I wish I had the chance to sample the food being served in the dining room. Hopefully next time 😍