Review: Qatar Airways A350 Qsuite, Doha-Stockholm

Qatar Airways A350 Qsuite from Doha to Stockholm

After enjoying our short time in the Al Mourjan Lounge, it was time to continue flying to our destination, Stockholm. Just like the crew on our flight from Bangkok, the crew on this flight were just as friendly and made sure we would have an enjoyable time.

Christmas, New Year & Sinulog in the Philippines flying Qatar Airways Business Class
Flight: QR171
Departure time in Doha (DOH): 15:40
Arrival time in Stockholm (ARN): 20:10
Aircraft: Airbus A350-1000, A7-ANH
Seat: 4B
Duration: 6h 30m
Date of flight: January 22, 2020
*This is a revenue ticket, Business Class flight #211

Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Al Mourjan Lounge

We had a couple of hours in Doha and spent it in the Al Mourjan Lounge. Since my first visit here, it´s beautiful design has not faded a bit 😍

Dessert selection in the Bistro section of Al Mourjan Lounge

Boarding, Gate A5

We left the lounge a few minutes before boarding started and passed by the centerpiece of the Doha Hamad Airport, the Lamp Bear 🐻

Although there was a separate desk for first and business class passengers, only the one for economy class was opened. Still, the left line was for priority passengers.

Aircraft, Airbus A350-1000 (A7-ANH)

A not so close photo of the Airbus A350 flying us to Stockholm. And yes, the wing tip is just lovely 👍

A pre-boarding announcement was made around 3:06pm and six minutes later, boarding began.

Business Class Cabin, Qsuite

The most gorgeous business class cabin 😍

The business class cabin on the Airbus A350-1000 has a total of 46 closed suites, with the bigger cabin from rows 1 to 10 with 38 seats and the smaller cabin behind the galley from rows 11-12 with 8 seats. There are only 3 lavatories in the cabin compared to the 4 of Boeing 777 which we flew on from Bangkok and which has lesser seats.

The smaller business class cabin from rows 11-12 with a total of 8 seats.

From the seat map, Mike and I chose the window seats at 3A and 4B for a change since we already tested the couple seat on the previous flight.

Seat map: rows 6-12

There are personal air vents on this aircraft although the personal storage in the middle was not installed making the cabin look more spacious 👍

Unfortunately, I tried to connect to the complimentary wifi but was always unsuccessful.

Seat 4B

Welcome to my seat, 4B 😉

My window seat is front facing although Mike in 3A is rear facing. Already waiting at my seat is the amenity kit, pillow and blanket. The headphones and bottle of water can be found inside the storage beside the seat.

From my seat, I could see a bit of the cockpit 😉

I was not able to finish watching Gemini Man so I had to continue watching it 😉

Brics Amenity Kit

The Brics amenity kit contained the usual skin care products from Monte Vibiano Vecchio. I already had the blue pouch so decided to exchange it with the female one but was given both instead. Thank you guys 😍

Pre-departure Beverage

Moments after settling in, the flight attendant taking care of our aisle came to introduce herself. She then took my pre-departure beverage order as well as my choice of towel. As usual, I had a glass of apple juice and hot towel.

Safety Video, Pushback & Take Off

At 3:32pm, the captain came on the PA to welcome us onboard informing us of our flight time of 6 hours and 10 minutes among others, and that we would be pushing back shortly. The crew also took time to take meal orders. I opted for the soup, salad and cheese to be served after take off and then the main course and dessert to be served before landing.

At 3:39pm, the safety video was played on the screen.

Pushback began at 3:42pm.

About 18 minutes later, we were airborne 😍


Menu card and wine list

I had pre-ordered the Braised Australian Lamb Belly which turned out to be a great choice.

A la carte menu


Champagne, Lallier and Gosset Brut

Chardonnay Stag´s Leap, Sauvignon Blanc Errazuriz


Minutes after take off, the CSM came around to welcome us onboard. She was actually from the Philippines so we had a longer chat than usual.

To start the meal, I was served my Sencha tea.

Then, the table was set. Moments later, an amuse bouche was served which was a scallop and tasted great 😋

The soup of the day was tomato soup and which was very good 😋

The Pan Fried Prawns with Pesto was lovely 😋

Cheese plate

To end the meal service, a Godiva chocolate was offered as well as a cold towel.


Business class lavatory

As usual, it had Rituals hand lotion and cologne spray, as well as dental kits and shaving kits.


Time to Sleep

While it was a first, I was actually offered if I wanted to have a mattress. I declined since I thought I would not be sleeping too long.


With about an hour and 47 minutes before landing in Stockholm, the flight attendant came to wake me up.

First, a hot towel 😉

Then, my braised Australian belly: It was phenomenal 😋

The dessert was just as great tasting 😉

To end the meal service, a cold towel was offered.


Airshow enroute to Stockholm

Landing in Stockholm

Around 7:21pm, the captain was back on the PA to give us updated flight information, and that we would be landing in 40 minutes, with a temperature of 1 degree in Stockholm. Hot towels were also offered. Lastly, the CSM came around to thank us once again for flying with Qatar Airways.

I decided to watch the moving camera since it was dark outside. We landed in Stockholm at 8:06pm and reached our gate 7 minutes later.


Most of my flights in business class are limited to Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways so it would be unfair to say that Qatar Airways is the best airline in business class. Yet I dare say it because they have won the Skytrax award for best in business class a few times in the past, and it is something that majority of the flying public would agree on. The seats, the dining experience and the crew are simply one of the best. I can´t wait to fly with you again guys. Shukran!


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