Photo Review: Finnair A330 AirLounge Business Class, Doha to Stockholm


Finnair A330 business class, Doha to Stockholm

Trip to Egypt and Doha Flying LOT & Finnair Business Class

Flight: AY1984
Departure time in Doha (DOH): 08:10
Arrival time in Stockholm (ARN): 14:15 (T5)
Aircraft: Airbus A330
Seat: 3L
Duration: 7h 5m
Date of flight: April 3, 2024
*This is an award ticket using 17,500 BA avios + SEK 1306, Business Class flight #258

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Hamad International Airport

I arrived at Hamad International Airport at 5am for my 8:10am departure. Area 4 is used for all other airlines other than Qatar Airways.

Check-in, Row 7

Finnair uses row 7 for check-in. Everything went smoothly and after a few minutes, I was given my boarding pass to Stockholm.

Immigration and security went smoothly as well and moments later, I was in the main terminal meeting the Lamp Bear once again πŸ˜‰

Qatar Airways Lounges

As a business class passenger flying with Finnair, I could access the Al Mourjan Lounges. I first headed to the Al Mourjan Lounge which is just a few steps aways from the Lamp Bear. I have been here several times in the past so I did not stay long.

On the other hand, I have never been to the Al Mourjan Business Lounge The Garden so I spent most of my time there. I thought the lounge was very nice especially the fact that they have the Louis Vuitton Lounge within the lounge πŸ‘

Boarding, Gate C88

I was informed during check-in that we would be using buses to get to the aircraft. I find it very strange that as a new airport, they can not accommodate all aircraft to use the passenger bridge. Sadly, I was not able to ask the staff the reason behind it. They had a separate bus for business class passengers but I wanted to board early so I took the bus together with the economy class passengers.

Aircraft, Airbus A330

Finnair A330

Business Class Cabin

Business class cabin seat map

The cabin has a total of 28 seats from rows 1 to 7, in a 1-2-1 configuration giving aisle access to all the passengers πŸ‘ I would say that the cabin was half-full on this flight.

Seat, 3L

I have read some reviews of this new business class seat of Finnair called AirLounge: not sure where the name came from but one thing that sets it apart from other airlines is that the seats do not recline. On this flight, I have to admit I got back pains. I wish they had provided lumbar cushions since most of the time, I was seating and it really felt uncomfortable. Maybe, I was new to it, maybe not. Still, I prefer seats that recline since that´s where I get most comfortable while seating. And I guess this is exactly the reason why all other airlines chose to have reclining seats in business class. 
In front of the seat is an average size personal screen.

The movie selection's new release included Barbie, Oppenheimer, The Nun II, Sisu and more. I ended up watching Oppenheimer which won the best picture in the Oscars πŸ‘

Already waiting at my seat were a pair of slippers, blanket, mattress pad, 2 pillows and the amenity kit.

The mattress pad and the blanket were okay but nothing special.

There was also a bottle of Alkaline water πŸ‘

To the right of my seat is a small storage for headphones, IFE controller. 


There is also a USB charging socket.

IFE controller

The headphones were okay.

Safety card

There were no air-sickness bags at the seat so I had to ask some from the cabin crew.

Reading lamp

Wireless charging and seat/light controls

Foldable tray table

The foot well was okay for my size, but I am not sure if it would be comfortable for taller guys.

Universal power ports and life vest, under the seat.

View from my seat.

Pre-departure Beverage

Moments after settling in, a friendly flight attendant came to introduce herself and offered me something to drink. I chose a glass of blueberry which is what I always order when flying with Finnair πŸ˜‰

Amenity Kit

The amenity kit comprised of a Marimekko cloth bag, dental kit, ear plugs and eye mask. There was no lip balm, although while browsing the screen, it said one could request for them, so I eventually got one for me.

Take Off

Boarding was completed at 8:23am. Pushback was at 8:34am and around 11 minutes later we were airbourne.


Menu card

Breakfast menu

Beverage list

Amenity kit info

Breakfast was the usual omelette with grilled chicken sausage, roasted potato, mushroom, tomato and creamy spinach. It was served with smoked salmon and bresaola beef and some fresh fruits.

The crew also offered some bread and I chose a focaccia. I just had breakfast in the lounge so I did not eat much.

Blueberry juice and a glass of champagne for drinksπŸ‘

I also asked for the cheese plate with the date paste and the white chocolate mousse with strawberry compote. I thought the serving size was a bit on the smaller side.

To end the meal, I had a cup of tea. 
Beverages (some items) as seen on the screen.

Less than 2 hours before landing, I ordered some snacks and drink (Ginger Mule).

Before Landing

The crew also offered some snacks before landing which was beetroot hummus with cruditΓ©s. I also had a wrap.

Apple juice

To finish the service, the crew went around to offer some Finnish chocolates, Karl Fazer πŸ‘

Finally, the lip balm on demand.


The price for wifi connection was not cheap.


Airshow enroute to Stockholm.



Toiletries were from the Finnish SEES.

Landing in Stockholm Arlanda Airport

We landed in Stockholm Arlanda Airport at 2:25pm, ten minutes behind schedule. As expected, my luggage was among the first ones to arrive.


I thought the revolutionary AirLounge was okay but it was not for me for sure. I have always loved reclining seats in business class and it will stay that way. To not have a lumbar cushion on this flight was a miss in my opinion. The food offering was subpar if you compare it to other airlines like Qatar Airways and Emirates. Fortunately, the crew on this flight were all friendly.