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Il Corso, Cebu

Trip to Asia Flying Thai Airways First Class and EVA Air Business Class

Although I grew up in Manila, it is now Cebu that I call home and where I try to spend my vacation at least once a year. During our visit in Cebu two weeks ago, we met some old friends and visited new places which are famous for tourists like the Lantaw Il Corso and Seafood Boil Grill & Restaurant beside the Cebu Yacht Club. Of course, the usual visit to our favorite Vikings Luxury Buffet and the most famous restaurant in Mactan Newtown - Choobi choobi was on top of our to visit list. Below are some of the photos from our stay in Cebu but if you want to explore Cebu and get some travel ideas, you can check out this link.

The Mactan Newtown is a modern and thriving township in the heart of Lapu-lapu. We are just so lucky that as condo unit owners, we have free access to a very nice beach with clear water, pretty much like what the guests staying in the adjacent Shangri-la Hotel Mactan get to enjoy 👍

Thanks to our guide, we now have a new seafood restaurant option in Lapu-lapu: the Seafood Boil Grill & Restaurant. This restaurant offers one of the best seafood meals in town and is just 20 minutes away by car from where we live.

The seafood bucket here was just amazing 👍

Choobi-choobi is perhaps the most popular restaurant in Mactan Newtown as you´d find long queues here especially during dinner time.

Choobi-choobi´s seafood bag and pork bbq

Crispy pata from Choobi-choobi

Il Corso located in South Road Properties offers a plethora of dining options ...

One restaurant that stands out is the Lantaw Il Corso as the views are just fantastic, and the meals superb.

Lovely views from Lantaw Il Corso at night.

Items ready to be grilled at Vikings Luxury Buffet

Some sweets at Vikings Luxury Buffet

A cheap and environment friendly way to get from Mactan to Cebu is by this air conditioned minibus. 

Interestingly, the bus conductor has his ticketing machine in his little belt bag 👍


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