Photo Review: Brussels Airlines A319 Business Class, Stockholm Bromma-Brussels


Brussels Airlines A319 Business Class, Stockholm Bromma to Brussels

Trip to Asia Flying Thai Airways First Class and EVA Air Business Class

Flight: SN2306
Departure time in Bromma (BMA): 17:30 
Arrival time in Brussels BRU): 19:40
Aircraft: Airbus A319 (OO-SSU)
Seat: 3A
Duration: 2h 10m
Date of flight: September 20, 2023
*This is an award ticket using SAS miles, Business Class flight #245

Stockholm Bromma Airport

Bromma Airport departure

The check-in desks (4-5) were still closed when I arrived so I headed to security using my mobile boarding pass.

Bromma Airport Airside

BRA Lounge

BRA Lounge is now located on the ground floor after security.

BRA Lounge, wraps and potato salad

Boarding, Gate K

There are no passenger bridges so everyone walks to the plane which is parked in a remote stand. Boarding started at 5pm for the 5:30pm departure.

Brussels Airlines A319

Cabin, Business Class

The cabin had a total of 12 seats in a 2-2 configuration, from rows 1 to 3. On this flight, 7 of the 12 seats were occupied although 3 of those passengers did not the business class meal and instead bought something from the menu so I guess they were just "sat" to the business class cabin.

As usual, the middle seat is blocked for extra privacy, otherwise these are just economy class seats.

Seat, 3A

My seat 3A

Magazine rack, coat hook

Foldable tray table

Seat pocket

Safety card, inflight magazine, air-sickness bag


The meal is served in a tray consisting of a salad, olive oil, butter and Neuhaus pralines. We were later offered some bread and I chose the pretzel.

For my drinks, I asked for chamomile tea and apple juice. They ran out of apple juice so I asked for the strawberry and watermelon drink instead.

Wines and spirits

Economy class passengers can buy snacks and drinks from the catalogue.




Landing in Brussels Airport

We landed in Brussels at 7:36pm, four minutes ahead of schedule.