Two Days in Jeddah


Old Town Al Balad

First visit: November 2022
My Country #79

Trip to Jeddah and Belgrade Flying Turkish Airlines Business Class

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When I bought my ticket to Australia last spring, I did not consider visiting Saudi Arabia at all so I booked my ticket back home from Sydney to Stockholm with British Airways and Turkish Airlines. After a few days of pondering, I decided to rebook my flight with Turkish Airlines to Jeddah and then booked a separate flight with Aegean and LOT with a 3 nights stop in Belgrade. It was definitely worth it as I was able to visit Jeddah for the first time (visiting the Old Jeddah Al Balad among others) as well as catching up with my old friend from high school. It was a very short stay in Jeddah so it was limited to the Old Town and the King Faisal´s Fountain. Below are some photos during my trip to Jeddah.

Old Town Al Balad

Old Town Al Balad is a UNESCO-listed historical center and is a must visit when in Jeddah.

Gold Souq

Gold Souq

Makkah Gate

The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts

King Fahd´s Fountain

This is the tallest fountain of its kind in the world.

Watching the lovely sunset 👍

Corniche Park

North Corniche

The Beach

North Corniche promenade