Review: EVA Air Business Class, Cebu-Taipei

EVA Air business class, Cebu to Taipei

Flight: BR282
Departure time in Cebu (CEB): 11:05
Arrival time in Taipei (TPE): 14:00
Aircraft: Airbus A333, B16337
Seat: 10A
Duration: 2h 55m
Date of flight: October 26, 2019
*This is an award ticket, Business Class flight #204

EVA Air B787 & Austrian Business Class from Cebu to Stockholm

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Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Enjoying Cebu

We stayed in Cebu for a few weeks and during our stay, we had a chance to go to Oslob for the whale sharks, as well as visit the Sumilon Island and the Kawasan Falls. Below are some photos:

One of several whale sharks we saw

Sandbar in Sumilon Island 😍

Kawasan Falls

Cebu Mactan Airport Terminal 2

I arrived at the Cebu Mactan Airport Terminal 2 around 8:25am for my 11:05am flight. It was my first time to depart from this terminal and I really think the design is simply beautiful 😉

I even think it is more beautiful at night with all the lights on 👍

EVA Air´s check-in counters are located in row C which is to the left of the international terminal.

Check-in, Desks C1-C6

There was a long queue for economy class passengers when I came.

Check-in counter 2 was for Star Alliance gold members and business class passengers, where I had access to.

I love the design of the counters, with a touch of local art 😉

After checking my passport details and assuring that I will only stay in Taipei Airport during my connection (I had to sign a paper for this), I was given my boarding passes to Vienna as well as the invitation to the Plaza Premium Lounge.

Fast track was not offered although it immigration and security check went quickly.


Aside from the gorgeous design of the terminal´s exterior, I thought the inside was just as likeable. I heard that the arches were made from glue-laminated timber exported from Austria.

There was also something special with the flooring as I heard they´ve mixed some type of sand into it.

Shops inside the terminal

Plaza Premium Lounge

After clearing security, I headed directly to the Plaza Premium Lounge being used by EVA Air. I also had the chance to visit the Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Lounge (just took photos) which is located opposite the Plaza Premium Lounge and is just as beautiful as the Plaza Premium Lounge 👍

Aircraft, Airbus A330-300

Our bird to Taipei is the beautiful Airbus A330. EVA Air used to have the Hello Kitty plane on the TPE-CEB route although I guess they are now using it to Bali. Hopefully they would put the lovely plane back to Cebu soon as the only flight I had with a Hello Kitty jet was already 4 years ago when I flew from Taipei to Fukuoka.

Boarding, Gate 15

I left the lounge pretty early so I could see a bit more of the terminal. Boarding was scheduled at 10:35am although it started 10 minutes later, with those flying in business class getting priority boarding as well as those with status.

Newspapers outside the door

Business Class Cabin

The business class cabin on the Airbus A330 is in a 2-2-2 configuration with a total of 30 seats from rows 6-10. On this flight, 12 seats were occupied.

View of the cabin from my seat.

Seats 10A and 10C

Seat Map

Seat, 10A

My seat, 10A is a window seat

Already waiting at my seat is a pillow and a blanket.

There was also a pair of slippers.

The quality of the business class blanket actually reminded me of that of Qatar Airways´.

Personal screen

Coat hook

To the left of my seat is the IFE controller, USB port and headphones socket.

IFE controller and Thunder headphones

Star Gallery, EVA Air´s inflight entertainment system.

To the left of my seat, just behind is a bottle holder.

The left armrest can also be lowered as to your liking.

Located on the right armrest is the seat control.

Pretty small footwell.

To the right of the seat are the magazines as well as a reading lamp.

Inflight magazines, safety instruction card and air-sickness bag.

Star Gallery October issue

Below the right (middle) armrest is the life vest.

In front of the middle armrests are 2 power ports 👍



There was also wifi connection although it was not complimentary.


Airshow enroute to Taipei.

Pre-departure Beverage

Moments after settling in, a flight attendant came to my seat addressing me by my name and offered to open the plastic for the blanket. She also took my pre-departure drink order. From the choices of sparkling wine, water and guava, I opted for a guava juice which was served with a cold towel and an EVA Air tissue with a 30 years celebration logo.

Immigration cards were also distributed but since I was only transiting in Taipei, I did not need it. The menu card was also presented and around 11am, the flight attendant took my meal order. She confirmed my pre-ordered meal on the internet and so I just ordered the match milk tea and sparkling water for my drinks.

Pushback, Safety Video & Take Off

Around 11:15am, an announcement was made informing us of the delay due to congestion, and that we would remain in ground for 5-10 minutes more. Unfortunately, I couldn´t watch a film (while waiting) since the screen is still just showing the usual EVA Air boarding ads.

Pushback began at 11:27am.

It was immediately followed by the safety video played on the screen.

About 11 minutes later, we were airborne.


Menu card and wine list

Menu card

Wine list


Other beverages

Meal Selection

From the airline´s website, I pre-ordered the braised beef shank.

Lovely table cloth

My match milk tea 😉

Then it was time for the meal which was all served in a tray.

Bread was also offered.

I thought the braised beef shank was perfect and is definitely one of the best meals I´ve had on the plane including in first class 👍

Dessert and Japanese green tea

Hot towel


Business class lavatory

No. 4711 skin care products from Germany, body lotion and hand wash

Facial mist


Landing in Taipei Taoyuan Airport

View before landing

At 1:17pm, the flight attendant was on the PA informing us that we would start our descent soon and that the current temperature in Taipei is 27 degrees. Interestingly, I never heard the captain on the PA, or maybe I just missed it.

We landed in Taipei Airport at 1:59pm and reached our gate 8 minutes later.

Transfer to C1-C10

Express Path was also offered.


It has been 4 years since I last flew with EVA Air so I was really excited to take this flight, as they are among the few 5-star airlines according to Skytrax. I thought the crew were fantastic as I was always addressed by my name, and that the refill of bread and drinks was always there. The meal was also fantastic and I was glad I had the braised beef shank as it was one of the best meals I´ve had on a plane. The seat was spacious and comfortable and I love the fact that they offer slippers even on such a short flight. Overall, I definitely enjoyed this flight and would recommend it to everyone 😍