Review: EVA Air B789 Business Class, Taipei-Bangkok

EVA Air B787 business class, Taipei to Bangkok

Flight: BR61
Departure time in Taipei (TPE): 22:30
Arrival time in Bangkok (BKK): 1:25 (+1)
Aircraft: Boeing 789, B17885
Seat: 5A
Duration: 3h 55m
Date of flight: October 26, 2019
*This is an award ticket, Business Class flight #205

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Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Hello Kitty in Taipei Taoyuan Airport

Taipei Airport is the home airport of Hello Kitty with EVA Air´s wonderful Hello Kitty jets operating from here. I am a big fan and since my only flight with them was in 2015 from Taipei to Fukuoka, I decided to visit the Hello Kitty section once again for some reminiscing 😉 I visited the Hello Kitty Gate which is Gate C3 as well as the Sanrio Shop beside the gate. Below are some photos.

Sanrio Shop

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty playground 😉

Hello Kitty boarding gate 😍

EVA Air The Infinity Lounge

As a business class passenger on EVA Air, I had access to several lounges like The Club, The Star and The Infinity. I did not have access to The Garden as it is reserved to the top tier members of EVA Air´s frequent flyer program.

Boarding, Gate C7

I left the lounge around 9:50pm and arrived at the departure gate minutes later. Gate C7 is actually located 1 level down.

Around 10:05pm, boarding started with those in business class and with status getting priority boarding.

Aircraft, Boeing 787-9

The Boeing 787-9 of EVA Air consists of 26 seats in business class in a 1-2-1 configuration. On this flight to Bangkok, all seats were occupied.

Business Class Cabin (Royal Laurel Class)

View of cabin

View of cabin

View of cabin from my seat.

Seat Map with out row 4.

Seat 1A is much closer to the aisle than to the window.

Seat 5A

Welcome to my seat 5A 😉

The seats alternate from being closer to the aisle and closer to the window and my seat 5A is closer to the window.

Already waiting at my seat are the pillow and blankets. Unfortunately, the crew seemed to forgot to place the slippers and I did not bother to ask for them either.

Legroom and (bit of) foot well

Personal screen and magazine rack

Entertainment magazine, Duty free catalogue, safety card and air-sickness bag

To the right of my seat is the table and under that is the seat controls.


Table when in use

Reading lamp

Inside the storage compartment located to the right of my seat (head level) is the headphones. There is also a mirror in case you need it 😉

Thunder headphones and IFE controller

Entertainment screen

Movie selection

From the movie list, I ended up watching "John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum"

EVA Air chose to install electronic window blinds on this B787-9.

Pre-Departure Beverage

Moments after settling in, a flight attendant came to my seat to welcome me onboard. She familiarized me with the seat features and showed where the headphones are, as well as the importance of using the 3-point seatbelt during take off and landing. Then, my pre-departure drink order was taken, where I chose a glass of apple juice.

At 10:16pm, the captain came on the PA to welcome us onboard and to inform us that we would be ready for departure in 15 minutes, adding our flight time of 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Moments later, the flight attendant taking care of my aisle came to present the menu card and wine list and a little later, my apple juice was served with a cold towel and a tissue.

At 10:35pm, the flight attendants started taking meal orders. The FA who came to me confirmed my pre-ordered meal on the internet. I asked for a cranberry juice to be served with the nuts, and a glass of sparkling water to go with my dinner.

Inflight Safety Video

Around 10:36pm, the safety video was played on the screen, at the same time as we began our pushback. At 10:50pm, we were airborne 😊

Moments after the seatbelt sign was turned off, the Cabin Manager came to distribute Thailand immigration forms. She knew I was flying all the way to Vienna so she just welcomed me onboard.


Menu card and wine list

Menu card

The champagne onboard was Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2008.

Fortified wine, cocktails, spirits

Liqueurs, beers

Juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea

I had originally chosen the Honey Glazed Chicken from the pre-order menu but decided to take the Braised port knuckle and sea cucumber instead.

Table cloth

Moments later, my apple juice was served together with some rice crackers and nuts.

The appetizer (smokes salmon rolled with shrimp) and my cranberry juice was served on a tray.

Bread was also offered afterwards.

The pork was very good although I liked the beef shanks I had on my flight from Cebu to Taipei a lot more.

To end the meal, fruits were served including my cup of green tea.

Hot towel

Mood Lighting

To "set up the mood", there was mood lighting 😉


The lavatory was always kept clean.

The toiletries were from the German company No. 4711 Acqua Colonia 👍



Airshow enroute to Bangkok

Arrival in Bangkok Airport

Around 12:21am Bangkok time, the captain was back on the PA to inform us that we would be arriving in Bangkok at 1am. Twenty minutes before landing, an announcement was made that all non-Thai residents flying all the way to Vienna should disembark, as per the law.

We landed in Bangkok at 12:59am and reached our gate E5 seven minutes later.

Going to the transit area

Re-boarding info 😉


It is always a joy flying with EVA Air in business class. I had an enjoyable flight from Cebu and this one was just as wonderful. The flight attendants were friendly and always addressed me by my name. Refill of bread and drinks were also automatic. As usual, the meal on board was fantastic and I appreciate the fact that they allow their passengers to pre-order their meals. Lastly, the seat was fully flat and comfortable. I really had an enjoyable flight and I can understand why the cabin was full on this flight 😉 I really hope to fly again with EVA Air soon.