Photo Review: Marhaba Lounge, Dubai T1 Concourse D (DXB)


Marhaba Lounge, Dubai T1 Concourse D (DXB)

Flying back to Oslo, Norway with Turkish Airlines from Dubai in economy class, I was able to visit the Marhaba Lounge. I also had access to the Lufthansa Lounges nearby but the food offering in the Marhaba Lounge was way better than in the Lufthansa Lounge that I decided to spend most of my time there. There was also a dedicated area for Turkish Airlines passengers which gave more privacy so it was definitely a big plus!

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Location: Terminal 1 Concourse D, Dubai Airport
Access: Select premium customers and elite members departing on airlines like Turkish Airlines, Air India, Thai Airways and Philippine Airlines; Pay-in customers
Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours

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Lounge Signage

Lounge Entrance & Reception

Lounge entrance

Lounge reception

Reserved Area for Turkish Airlines Passengers



Hot dishes like Stir-fried noodles, Pan-fried Dori fish, Beef cottage pie, etc.

Fresh tomato and basil soup

Snacks and alcoholic drinks



Dates, Arabic coffee

Beers, soft drinks, juices

Wines and spirits, mixed nuts and chips

Espresso machine


Charging station

Reading materials

Reading materials

Relaxation area

Relaxation area

Flight departure screen

Rest of the Lounge (Non-Turkish Airlines Passengers)







Assorted dry cakes, oranges

Desserts (Strawberry tart, Chocolate mousse, mango rice mousse cake), Quinoa and carrot salad in Tortilla wrap, Vegetable Club sandwich, Roasted vegetable sandwich, Chicken and coleslaw sandwich

Hot dishes like seasonal steamed vegetables, Penne pasta in tomato and basil sauce, Paneer Kadai, etc.

Paneer kadai

Sweet and sour chicken

Tea and coffee

Alcoholic drinks


Reading materials

Kid´s Zone

Smoking room

Complimentary wifi

Toilet & Shower


Shower room