Exploring Bahrain


Khalaf House, Bahrain

First visit: September 2022
My Country #78

Traveling to Bahrain was actually last-minute as I did not want to stay in Dubai for 4 nights alone (my sister who was supposed to travel with me had to stay in Norway for health issues) and thought I´d go to a country which I hadn´t visited yet. In the end, I spent 2 nights in Bahrain, the first one being at the InterContinental Regency Bahrain and the second one being at the Hilton Garden Inn Bahrain Bay. Getting around in Bahrain was a lot easier with Uber, although the weather was like 38 degrees outside so it was hot. And although I had planned to visit the Al Fateh Grand Mosque, I just couldn´t and I ended up missing this top attraction. In case you are traveling to Bahrain, here are some of my travel tips and as always, feel free to comment on the section below of your own travel tips! 

Trip to Bahrain

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Bab Al Bahrain, built in 1949 it used to house the government´s offices. Just behind is the Old Manama Souq.

Manama Souq

Manama Souq

Gold Souq

Khalaf House

Khalaf House, a typical old house turned museum. Pearl merchants use to live here. Unfortunately during my visit, I was informed that I had to buy the ticket in the city so I settled taking photos from the outside.

Bahrain Fort (Qal´at al-Bahrain) Also known as the Portuguese Fort, this ancient harbour was the capital of Dilmun and has been in the  UNESCO World Heritage list since 2005.

Selfie with the Bahrain Fort

Bahrain Fort treasures

Bahrain Fort

Bahrain Fort treasures

Bahrain Fort Café

Visiting the old houses in Muharraq (this one is the Jamsheer House although it has been turned into a government office).

Jamsheer House

Souq Al Muharraq

Beit Al Quran, this museum has a unique collection of Quran.

Bahrain National Museum

Bahrain National Museum

Bahrain National Theater, this gorgeous theater overlooking the sea is located next to the Bahrain National Museum.

Bahrain Financial Harbour

Four Seasons Hotel, this is the tallest building in Bahrain at 201 meters.

Taking the Delmarine boat tour (costs 2 Dinar)

Delmarine boat tour

Watching the Bahrain skyline during our boat tour was fantastic 👍

The Avenues, this modern shopping mall is probably the best in Bahrain.

The Avenues

Sacred Heart Catholic Church (as a Catholic, I had to visit the church even for a few minutes)