Visiting Sundsvall During the Pandemic


Stora torget, Sundsvall

Having visited Gothenburg, Kalmar and Malmö in the past months, I finally had a chance to visit Sundsvall last week. This pandemic has crippled the tourism industry in the whole world but on the bright side, it allowed a small portion of travelers to discover their own country, including me. Sundsvall is known as the Stone City, having been rebuilt in stone in 1888 after being destroyed by fire four times, the last of which was the worst in the country´s history. It is also famous for its surströmming or fermented herring, although I´m not sure everyone would love it. Of course during our visit, social distancing is practiced in restaurants, groceries, hotels, etc. In case you are traveling to Sundsvall, here are some of my travel tips.

Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Hirschskahuset: This building located near the main square is perhaps the most beautiful building in Sundsvall.

Main Square

Vängåvan: A gorgeous park in the heart of the city 😉

Esplanaden: Perfect for a morning or afternoon stroll.

Gustav Adolf Church

Kulturmagasinet: Also known as the Sundsvall Museum, this is definitely worth a visit. And entrance is free 👍

Riksbank Building

Sundsvalls Bank Building

Granskahuset: A beautiful building near the main square

Gamla Tullhuset: This is Stenstadens oldest house.

And if you traveling by car, I suggest you drive to see these three spots as well 👍

High Coast Bridge: The longest suspension bridge in Sweden.

Ådalen Monument

Norra Berget Sundsvalls Open-air Museum: It was foggy during our visit so it would be great to visit this place again in summer 😀


  1. Thank you for sharing :) We have been visiting places all around Sweden as well during the pandemic. Since we plan on visiting Sundsvall we were waiting for the right sunny weekend. Is it really as empty as it looks? Many pictures show tons of stores and restaurants but very few actual people, I think maybe it is just photography bias to capture pictures without people but I wanted to check what you saw when you were there :)

    1. Hi. During our trip on September 30, there were really very few people on the streets although it wasn´t as empty as it looked in the photos. I remember buying in the grocery and pharmacy as well as dining in a restaurant in the evening and there were people around.


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