Photo Review: SAS Plus, Oslo to Stockholm


SAS Plus, Oslo to Stockholm


Flight: SK886
Departure time in Oslo (OSL): 19:40
Arrival time in Stockholm (ARN): 20:40
Aircraft: Airbus A320 (SE-ROY)
Seat: 1A
Duration: 1h
Date of flight: May 27, 2024
*This is an award ticket using 20K SAS miles + SEK 607 return in SAS Plus, Business Class flight #262

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SAS Lounges in Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL)

We first visited the SAS Lounge which had almost the same food and drinks offering as the SAS Gold Lounge.

The food was better in the SAS Gold Lounge as they had Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes which I did not see in the SAS Lounge buffet.

While in the lounge, we saw from the flight departure screen that our flight was moved from 7:40pm to 8:30pm.

Aircraft, A320 (SE-ROY)

Airbus A320, SE-ROY

Boarding, Gate F13

Boarding Gate F13.

Boarding started at 8:13pm.

SAS Plus Cabin

Seat map

I originally chose seat 8A but one day before departure, I was assigned seat 1A. On this flight, the cabin was from rows 1 to 8 with a total of 48 seats in 3-3 configuration.

Seat 1A

The good thing about this economy seat is the extra legroom as I was seated in a bulkhead seat 👍

Take Off

Push back was at 8:31pm and 7 minutes later, we were airborne.


SAS Go passengers get complimentary coffee and tea while SAS Plus passengers get free snack items from the menu.

I chose a pack of cashew nuts as well as a bottle of apple juice.


There is one lavatory located in front of the cabin.

Landing in Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Around 9:08pm, the captain was back over the PA informing us that we would be landing in 10 minutes, among others. We landed in Stockholm at 9:19pm, almost 40 minutes behind the original schedule and reached Gate E3 five minutes later.


The flight delay was definitely a negative thing as we were hoping to be able to be home early. On the other hand, we were able to stay in the lounge while waiting for boarding. The snacks offered were okay and the crew were friendly as well. Aside from the delay and for the price we paid, it was overall a nice flight.