Photo Review: SAS Plus, Longyearbyen to Oslo


SAS A320 in Longyearbyen Airport


Flight: SK4414
Departure time in Longyearbyen (LYR): 14.45
Arrival time in Oslo (OSL): 17:40
Aircraft: Airbus A320neo (Domar Viking, SE-RUD)
Seat: 2A
Duration: 2h 55m
Date of flight: May 27, 2024
*This is an award ticket using 20K SAS miles + SEK 607 return in SAS Plus, Business Class flight #261

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Longyearbyen Airport (LYR)

Longyearbyen Airport departures entrance

After clearing security, the waiting area for boarding offered nice views and a coffee station (for a fee).


There is only one boarding gate at the airport.

Aicraft, Airbus A320 neo, SE-RUD

This A320neo just arrived from Tromsö.

Seat Map

The SAS Plus cabin was from rows 1 to 10, with 80% of the cabin being occupied.

Seat, 2A

My seat 2A

Basic legroom

Safety card, onboard menu, wifi card, air-sickness bag

View after Take Off

Nice view of the mountains


The meal consisted of a chicken salad with knäcke bread. It was okay but nothing special.

I had an apple juice and a berry white chocolate muffin as well.


Wifi was advertised although there was never a connection for the several times I tried. Wifi is free for Diamond and Gold Eurobonus members.


Landing in Oslo

Around 5:20pm, the captain gave us some flight updates including the weather in Oslo which is 18 degrees, a bit of turbulence on the way and that we would be landing in 20 minutes. We eventually landed at 5:36pm.

Landing in Oslo

We parked in a remote stand sadly so we had to take a bus to the terminal.


A short flight with SAS Plus within Europe is very basic: you get economy class seat and the only difference is that you get a free meal onboard, unlike economy class passengers who only get free coffee and tea. The crew on this flight were friendly, although wifi was not available, and even if it was available, I would have to pay for it as a SAS Plus passenger. Parking in a remote stand in Oslo was also not ideal. Still, it was a nice flight.