Sinulog 2023 and Exploring Port Barton, Palawan


Port Barton, Palawan

Coming home to Cebu at this time of year was mainly motivated by the fact that Mike and I wanted to see the Sinulog Grand Parade. Although I was able to witness it for the first time in January 2020, Mike sadly was not able to join me. So this time, we are making sure he does not miss it. 

Sinulog Grand Parade

Mactan Cebu Airport, Domestic Terminal Arrivals Hall

Arriving at the domestic terminal one day before the Sinulog Festival, decorations were in sight. I even heard that lucky passengers from two incoming flights a few days prior were given souvenir items, etc. for the Sinulog celebration.

The Sinulog Festival is always celebrated on the third Sunday of January, and this time they decided to have it at the SRP( South Road Properties) which was a better location, size and appearance wise.

Sinulog celebration inside the SM Seaside City

The parade was supposed to pass by the SM Seaside City so most of the people gathered there. We arrived early and needless to say, no parade was in sight yet. We even had the time to cut our hair and have lunch. I was almost certain that people would disappear inside the mall (or at least become less) as soon as the parade comes, but it did not turn out to be so. The mall was packed with Sinulog fans and they were all over the shops and restaurants. When we decided by chance to go out of the mall and check out the parade, we had already missed a part of it. Still, Mike was glad to have witnessed it for the first time as it was very colorful and full of life, as always 👍

Below are some of the photos from the Sinulog Grand Parade 2023.

Exploring Port Barton, Palawan

More than a week after the Sinulog Festival, we left for Palawan. We flew with Philippine Airlines to Puerto Princesa and since both of us have status with PAL, we were able to access the Plaza Premium Lounge in the Domestic Terminal. 

The Philippine Airlines own Mabuhay Lounge will take some time to open as construction has not started when we passed by the lounge site.

Plaza Premium Lounge, Mactan Cebu Airport, Domestic Terminal

We arrived at Puerto Princesa Airport before 1pm and although we had our shared van scheduled to leave at 1pm, it took some time as we had to wait for other passengers and pick up a couple at a hotel in the city. We had pre-booked the shared van from the hotel where we stayed (Summer Homes Beach Resort & Cottages) and paid 550 Pesos per person one way. Otherwise, you pay 600 Pesos to the driver´s assistant at the airport which is 50 Pesos more. The drive from the airport to the terminal in San Vicente takes about 3 hours including some late lunch stop on the way. The winding road on the final hour to the hotel made me more sick, as I already had stomach problems the day before we left. Still, I was able to enjoy our 4 night stay at Port Barton, just taking it easy and simply enjoying what the town had to offer.

Unlike Boracay, Port Barton is not your luxury getaway, rather it attracts the backpackers like El Nido and Coron. Below are some photos from our stay in Port Barton, Palawan 🍍🐟🏄

View from our cottage

Colorful flowers

Fresh mango juice 😉

The Beach Barn

Island hopping tour

Lovely lunch

Island hopping tour

Starfish sandbar

The town itself is very small and yet there were lots of activities going on during our stay 😉

Elementary students enjoying some cold drinks after school.

Basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines.

Miss Port Barton 2023