Review: Malaysia Airlines Business Class, Bali-Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Airlines Business Class, Bali to Kuala Lumpur

Flight: MH714
Departure time in Bali (DPS): 13:10
Arrival time in Kuala Lumpur (KUL): 16:05 Terminal M
Aircraft: Airbus A330-200 (9M-MTY)
Seat: 5C
Duration: 2h 55m
Date of flight: February 1, 2019
*This is a revenue ticket, Business Class flight #183

Exploring Bali

This was my second time in Bali and during my first visit (which was longer than this stay), I was able to see a bit more of what Bali has to offer. This time, we only had 2 full days so Mike and I decided to just visit the Besakhi Temple and then see what it´s like drinking the famous Luwak Coffee.

Mother Temple of Besakhi

Mother Temple of Besakhi

This animal called Luwak is the one "responsible" for the Luwak coffee. Just don´t ask how they make it 😉

Varieties of teas and coffee and of course, the Luwak Coffee 😉

Bali International Airport (DPS)

Check-in, Desks D20-21

Check-in went smoothly and moments later, we had our boarding passes as well as the lounge invitation.

Lounge invitation

Premier Lounge

I loved the Premier Lounge because the design had local touches but moreso because the food was great 😋

Aircraft, Airbus A330-200

Airbus A330

Boarding, Gate 5

I love the frames hanging on the wall in gate 5 😉

Boarding started at 2:37pm starting with those needing assistance and then those flying in premium class as well as those with status.


The business class cabin had a total of 19 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration.

View of the cabin from my seat.

Seat, 5A or 5C

The seat map shows my seat as 5C although the monitor says 5A so I guess the cabin had been refurbished, without correcting the old seat signs.

My seat

A fully flat bed 👍

Personal screen

Foot rest

Seat controls, IFE controler

Reading lamp, headphones, magazines

Magazines, safety instruction card

USB and headphones sockets

I found the movie selection to be a bit limited unfortunately.

Headphones and IFE controler

Pillow and blanket

Predeparture Beverage

Apple juice or orange juice

Cold towels and newspapers were offered as well.

There was a bit of delay due to technical issues so the flight attendants started offering champagne 👍

Apple juice for me 😉

Berry snacks

Inflight Safety Video & Pushback

The technical defect was fixed after 30 minutes and we had our take off at 2:04pm.


Airshow enroute to Kuala Lumpur


For the main course, there was a choice of beef, chicken and fish.

  • Beef Rendang
  • Roast Chicken
  • Grilled Red Snapper

Meal and drinks trolley

 I had the red snapper with steamed rice and it was phenomenal 😋

To end the meal, I had the Japanese green tea.


As usual, there were Acca Kappa perfumes 😉


Landing in Kuala Lumpur Airport

We landed in Kuala Lumpur at 4:30pm, which was 25 minutes late.


Having flown several times in Malaysia Airlines business class within Asia the past days, I would say that the service in general was very good and the crew were all very friendly. The meals they serve were all delicious and of course the seats were comfortable. The flight from Bali to Kuala Lumpur was no exception. The crew were friendly and the meals were very tasty. For the price we paid, it was definitely a great price. The only thing I would hope Malaysia Airlines would try to improve is to offer a wider selection of movies. Otherwise, it was a great flight and I´d gladly fly with them again in the future 😍