Review: Lufthansa A340-600 First Class, Frankfurt-Kuwait

Lufthansa First Class A340-600, Frankfurt to Kuwait

Flight: LH624
Departure time in Frankfurt (FRA): 13:25
Arrival time in Kuwait (KWI): 20:45
Aircraft: Airbus A340-600, D-AIHL
Seat: 1K
Duration: 5h 20m
Date of flight: November 20, 2018
*This is an award ticket, First Class flight #49

Video from my YouTube Channel πŸ“Ί

First Class Check-in Counter

I arrived at the airport really early so I could visit the 3 Lufthansa first class lounges I had access to. I started with the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in the Schengen Area, then headed to the Lufthansa First Class Lounge Non-Schengen Area.

I already had my mobile boarding pass as well as the printed one (from the lounge) but I decided I´d take pictures of the Check-in counters anyway, before going to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal.

Lufthansa First Class Check-in counters

Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Lufthansa First Class boarding pass sleeve πŸ‘

After taking the elevator one level up, I was greeted by a friendly staff who would be my personal assistant. She helped me with security screening, re-acquainted me to the lounge, and took a copy of my passport. She would eventually hand over my passport to the police until it was boarding time where I´d get it back.

My Pumpkin Cream Soup was fantastic πŸ˜‹

The lounge was not that busy when I came but around 11:30am was lunch time so I had to wait for an available table for the Ala carte service and lunch buffet. After around 10 minutes, the waiter came to tell me there was an available table for me. Food was excellent as usual, and of course I enjoyed some slices of the Jamon Iberico, the most expensive ham πŸ˜‹

Around 12:40pm, my personal assistant came to inform me that it would be another 10-15 minutes before we go down and take the limousine to the plane.

As the First Class Terminal is not connected to any air bridges, it is always guaranteed that you would be driven in a car to your plane during boarding πŸ‘ For economy and business class passengers, boarding was as usual from gate B62.

For some passengers, the limousine service would mean getting a Porsche just like the one I had a few year ago ...

... or a Mercedes Benz which I got, together with the other 3 first class passengers.

Airbus A340-600 (D-AIHL)

The next longest passenger aircraft in the world, Airbus A340-600 delivered to Lufthansa in May 2004.

First Class Cabin

Lufthansa´s Airbus A340-600 first class cabin has a total of 8 seats from rows 1-2 in a 1-2-1 configuration.

On this flight, there were 5 passengers although a pair got off with me in Kuwait and the other two passengers stayed for their onward flight to Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Middle seats, row 2

Middle seats, row 2

With no overhead cabins in the middle, the cabin felt really spacious πŸ‘

Wifi onboardπŸ‘

Bar Set up

As usual, the bar was set up during boarding.

Seat, 1K

As I boarded, I was greeted by one of the flight attendants who showed me the way to my seat. I was then greeted by my name by a female flight attendant who would be taking care of the passengers in the first class cabin.

Seat map, Airbus A340-600

My seat 1K 😍

Personal screen and a rose 🌹


Personal storage perfect for my shoes and the amenity kit

Right armrest with seat controls.

Under the right armrest is the IFE controller

Next to that was another storage ...

... for the BOSE headphones.

And some more personal storage and bottle holder.

The left armrest with seat controls

Under the left armrest is the more advanced seat controls.

The aisle privacy screen is big enough to give you the privacy you need πŸ‘

Inflight magazines, duty free catalogue, safety instruction card

View from my seat

A slight view of the wing and engine from my seat, a proof that this aircraft is really long πŸ˜‰

Around 1:10pm, I was offered some predeparture beverage and I asked for a glass of still water which was served with some macadamia nuts πŸ‘

Amenity Kit

Then it was time for the first class amenity kit. Although it was not the Rimowa I was hoping to have, it was still nice. It included a Sinn personal watch box with La Prairie skin care products, dental kit, comb, eye mask, ear plugs, socks, the new slippers and Van Laack pajamas with a "sleeping scarf" which I´ve never seen in other first class 😍

Lufthansa First Class amenity kit

Inflight Safety Video

Around 1:25pm, the captain came on the PA to welcome us onboard and to give us some flight information including our flight time of 4 hours and 50 minutes instead of 5 hours and 20minutes.

Five minutes later, the inflight safety video was played on the screen. Around 1:34pm, we began our pushback (or push front πŸ˜‰) and 9 minutes later had a smooth take off.

Complimentary Wifi

Moments after the seat belt sign was turned off, one of the flight attendants came to distribute the wifi voucher. Lufthansa offering free wifi for first class passengers is something new, and which is actually very good. The bar in front of seats 1D and 1G was also set up.

Lufthansa FlyNet

Lufthansa FlyNet

The wifi connection was actually faster compared to that of THAI and Qatar Airways.


Lufthansa First Class menu card

Lufthansa First Class wine list


Champagne, Charles Heidsieck

Champagne, Cuvee Grand Siecle

Dessert wine

Cold beverages

Hot beverages

Around 2pm, the flight attendant came to ask if I wanted my lunch served now and I said yes.

To start the service, a hot towel on a plate with a rose petal was offered.

Then, my table was set up.

Lufthansa First Class butter 😍

I was also offered something to drink and chose a glass of apple juice. I also had a glass of Grand Siecle πŸ˜‰

The amuse-bouche was fish which was good.

I was also offered some bread (and some Arabic bread later) and chose the pretzel. She also asked if I wanted Balsamic on my salad and said no. Then she took my main course order and I opted for the fish. I was informed that they didn´t have Sea Bass onboard but salmon instead.

Time for some Russian Caviar (or no)

Out of curiosity, I asked the flight attendant if they were serving Russian Caviar and she told me that they are sourced from Italy which I believe comes from Agroittica Lombarda. The caviar was perfect as usual. I got 2 pieces of toast but opted not to have the other garnitures.

After clearing my plate, I was then served some appetizers consisting of:

Oriental delicacy, Hummus with Tahina
Corn-Fed Poulard, Lemon cream and grapefruit
Halibut, curried apple mash, Walnut pesto, celery salad

I only had a little of the halibut since it was too much. Also I was saving my appetite for the main course.

Salmon, Saffron Vanilla Fume, Parsley Root Mousseline

The other choices were:

Duet of goose with red cabbage and potato dumpling
Open Lasagna, Pumpkin and Cottage Cheese
Lamb Boukhari with Basmati rice and grilled vegetables
Potato and Chickpea Stew

The salmon was actually a bit salty and looking back, I wish I had ordered the Lamb instead πŸ˜‰ Drink refill was also offered.


Moments after clearing the main course plate, the cheese and dessert trolley came.


I skipped the cheese and went straight for dessert. The Ginger Bread Cake and Orange Cream was delicious πŸ˜‹

To end the meal, pralines were offered, as well as some coffee and tea, although I just had the pralines.

About 3 hours and 10 minutes before landing in Kuwait, the lunch service ended. A bottle of mineral water was offered before eventually dimming the lights.

Inflight Entertainment

From the movie selection, I ended up watching Mamma Mia! Here we go Again! I was also asked if I wanted to have a mattress and pillow although I declined.

I took a nap for about an hour and when I woke up continued watching the movie.

Watching the continuation of "Mama Mia! Here we go Again!".


Somewhere in Iraq

View from my seat


About an hour before landing in Kuwait, snacks were offered. There was a choice between a Mini BBQ burger and Small Mezze as well as two desserts, Plum Tarte or Mango and Papaya Wedges.

For my drinks, I opted for a glass of apple juice.

Before serving bread, the flight attendant asked if I was flying all the way to Dammam or staying in Kuwait. I did not know it was continuing on to Dammam and told her I will be staying in Kuwait.


The mini BBQ burger was very good πŸ˜‹ The flight attendant must have noticed that I loved them that she came with two more 😍

Around 8pm, the captain was back on the PA with updated flight information and that we would be landing in 30 minutes.

Five minutes later, a hot towel was offered.


1 of two lavatories

Just like on my last flight a couple of years ago, the lavatory had some Evian facial mist, alcohol free mouthwash, shaving kit, wet towels, make up remover and La Prairie hand cream and face moisturizer.

Lufthansa First Class rose

It is not the washlet you would normally find on Japanese airlines like ANA and JAL but it was okay.

Landing in Kuwait Airport

It was a bit of detour on the last few minutes before landing. The flight attendant who served our aisle came to thank us for flying with Lufthansa and around 8:33pm, we landed in Kuwait Airport. Another 7 minutes later and we reached our gate.

Unlike my previous Lufthansa First Class flights landing in Dubai and Astana where I was met by a Lufthansa staff and escorted until I reached landside, there was no one on this flight to Kuwait. It must have been because visa is needed in Kuwait. Nevertheless, after reaching the Visa issuance desk, I was helped after a few minutes by the lady on the first counter and a couple of minutes more, I had my Visa issued by another staff on the last counter. The process went smoothly helped by the fact that I had already applied for E-visa prior to my arrival in Kuwait. It is important to remember that you should always have the copy of the visa with you as well as that of your passport.


Beginning this trip with a visit to one of the best first class lounges in the world was just awesome. The comfortable seat and the complimentary wifi (which they started in March I believe) was also impressive. Although the first class amenity kit was okay, I wish they would bring back the Rimowa kits (my personal favorites are that of Qatar AirwaysTHAI Airways and Emirates). The salmon being a bit too salty was unfortunately not a good thing but overall, the dining experience and service was very good. As for the arrival experience in Kuwait, I wish they would offer the same arrival service they give in Dubai and Astana. Overall, it was a very nice flight and for the price (miles and cash) I paid, it was all worth it. To all the crew on this flight, Danke SchΓΆn 😍

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