Review: THAI Airways A380 First Class, Bangkok-Osaka

Trip To Osaka and Hong Kong Flying Thai Airways First Class & Turkish Airlines Business Class

Since I knew Mike would be in Australia and New Zealand with his Singelresor group in February, I needed to travel somewhere for a few days and thought I'd book a flight from Europe to Japan and back from Hong Kong using my Turkish Airlines miles. So last November, I redeemed 67,500 miles for a first class award flying from Frankfurt to Osaka via Bangkok in Thai Airways First Class. The taxes was just about 800 SEK which was very reasonable. On the flight back from Hong Kong to Stockholm, I redeemed (I actually borrowed miles from Mike) 45,000 miles to fly Turkish Airlines in Business Class. I've been to both Osaka and Hong Kong a few times in the past so my plan was not really to explore them but rather to just see a few sights during this period. I have to admit, to be able to fly on one of my favorite airlines in first class (thanks to their Rimowa amenity kit and excellent first class lounge in Bangkok among others) and visit two amazing cities is just awesome 😉

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THAI Airways first class lobster thermidor

Flight: TG 672
Departure time in Bangkok (BKK): 8:15
Arrival time in Osaka (KIX): 15:45
Aircraft: Airbus A380
Seat: 1A
Duration: 5h 30m
Date of flight: February 16, 2017
*This is an award travel, First Class flight #43

THAI Royal First Lounge, BKK

As first class passengers arriving from Frankfurt, were met by an agent and were driven in a golf cart to the first class lounge in Concourse D. I immediately had shower and in about 30 minutes, it was time to go to the departure gate, C7 which is a short walk from the lounge.

On the way to the departure gate.

Departure gate

Aircraft, Airbus A380

The superjumbo flying us to Osaka on a beautiful Thursday morning 😉

Boarding, Gate C7

As usual, there's a separate jet bridge for first and business class passengers. At the door, I was welcomed by a flight attendant and escorted to my seat. She also offered to hang my coat which was a nice gesture.

Seat, 1A

My seat 1A 😍

On this flight, 7 of the 12 first class seats were taken. I was with 4 other passengers (Japanese I guess) when we were escorted from the lounge to the gate although there was already an elderly couple seated at seats 1E and 1F when we came. During the flight, the first officer (I guess) came to chat with the elderly couple so I was guessing he is the son of the Thai couple. The couple also left the cabin sometime during the flight so I guess they were having a tour of the plane 😉

Already waiting at my seat was a blanket, Rimowa amenity kit, slippers and a small box of chocolates placed beside an orchid.

I was also offered something to drink and I chose a glass of water which was served with a hot towel. Pi, who was the flight attendant taking care of the left aisle of the cabin introduced herself and also confirmed the lobster thermidor which I preordered from their website. Moments later, the cabin manager also came to my seat to welcome me.

Newspapers and magazines

The first class amenity bag was again from Rimowa, only this time the color was like neon yellow green. It had the facial moisturizer, lip balm and refresher mist from Monteil as well as Fluocaril mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste, a comb, socks and eye mask.

THAI first class blanket and slippers.

There was also an Evian water placed under the left armrest.

The captain came on the PA to welcome us and among others, to advise us of our flight time of 4 hours and 35 minutes, arriving about 40 minutes ahead of schedule. Moments later, Pi was back to take my post-departure beverage order and I chose a glass of guava juice.


Airshow enroute to Osaka

Around 8:25am, the inflight safety video was played. Two minutes later, we started our pushback.

View of Thai's A380 while taxiing.

View after take off.

Take off was around 8:49am which went smoothly.


The menu read as follows:

About 15 minutes after take off, my guava juice was served together with a glass of water. From the movie selection, I ended up watching "Keeping Up with the Joneses" which I thought was a cool movie 😉

About 10 minutes later, it was time to set up my table. Then it was time to enjoy some appetizers. It was not actually mentioned on the menu as the ones that were listed were fresh fruits, yogurt and cereals.

THAI first class appetizer

I was also offered some yogurt and cereals and settled for a plain yogurt.

Then it was time for my lobster thermidor 😋 I was also offered some fresh pepper which I declined. I have to say that the lobster thermidor was average and I still prefer the lobster medallion I had when I flew on Asiana first class from Frankfurt to Seoul a few years ago.

To end the meal, I was also offered tea or coffee and I chose a cup of green tea. Unfortunately, the green tea was not warm enough 👎

Moments later, we were offered hot towels.

Complimentary Wifi

After the meal, we were given vouchers for free wifi for use of up to 20MB.

OnAir wifi connection

Immigration Form (Japan)

We were also given the customs and immigration forms to enter Japan.

Around 1pm, the flight attendant came to collect the menu card which I thought was not really necessary as it was too early.

On Board Bar

The onboard bar had some Thai cookies on offer.

Second Serving

More than two hours before landing, the cabin attendant came to ask me if I wanted to drink something and I settled for a glass of guava juice.

A glass of guava juice.

30 minutes later, the flight attendant asked if I wanted to order something from the menu (as they have noodles and sandwiches) and decided I'd have the Chicken Yaki Soba which was excellent 😋

Chicken Yaki Soba

After the meal, hot towels were offered.


The lavatory had the usual products from L'Occitane, a male perfume, a female perfume and body milk.

About 30 minutes before landing, the captain came on the PA to give us updated arrival info and that we would be arriving at Kansai Airport at 3:20pm.

Minutes later, Pi came to my seat to thank me for flying with them.

Arrival at Osaka Kansai Airport

We landed at Osaka Kansai Airport around 3:24pm and as we taxiid, I caught sight of a Philippine Airlines aircraft.

We parked beside a Jeju Air airplane and as a first class passenger, I was among the first ones to disembark.

Once through with the passport and customs control, I made my way to the ticket machines (to buy my ticket) and took the train to the hotel where I would stay for two nights.


I think that THAI Airways first class is one of the best there is since I love their Rimowa amenity kits and that they allow you to preorder your lobster from their website. Of course, I hope that they would also offer pyjamas even on day flights just like on my Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Astana late last year. I know Qatar Airways and SWISS do not offer them either so it is just a wish 😉 I thought the food was okay although to serve a cup of green tea when it is not really hot is not something one would expect from first class. The free wifi of up to 20MB was good but if it is being offered in business class by Turkish Airlines for the whole duration of the flight, then I guess THAI could also offer it. Overall, it was a very nice flight and even though it was not perfect, THAI Airways is still among my favorite airlines when flying in first class.

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