Review: Japan Airlines B777 First Class, Tokyo-Frankfurt

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Japan Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

Flight: JL407
Departure in Tokyo: 11:25
Arrival in Frankfurt: 16:30
Equipment: Boeing 777-300ER
Flight duration: 12h 5m
Date of flight: April 4, 2015
Seat: 2K
*This is an award travel, First class flight #27

Check-in, desk L6

I arrived at Narita Airport about three hours before departure and went directly to the L section of Terminal 2 which is the dedicated check in area for JAL's first class passengers. I was helped by a friendly agent and was done in a few minutes. I specifically liked that she wrote my name and flight number on the luggage tags before handing them to me so I could use them on my rollaboard suitcase and knapsack πŸ‘ Usually, agents would just give you the tags for you to personally write your name on it so it was really impressive.

JAL First Class Lounge

After passing the security control (I had access to Fast track) and immigration, I decided I'd go buy some souvenirs first and then head to the JAL First Class Lounge. Last time I was here, I really enjoyed the 15 minute back and shoulder massage so I thought I'd have another massage but this time, I chose the 10 minute scalp massage which was really good. It was the same masseur I had in January so I knew that it would be great. He also asked if he could use some hair spray before applying it which I appreciated πŸ‘

Before leaving the lounge and heading to my boarding gate, I decided to try one of the two massage chairs. I have never tried this before and it was actually surprisingly good.

Boarding, gate 83

Boarding at gate 83 started on time beginning with the premium passengers.

There was also a separate passenger bridge for first class passengers.

Seat, 2K

Welcome to my seat, 2K!

I was welcomed by one of the flight attendants and escorted me to my seat. She asked me if it was my first time flying on JAL in first class. I told her it wasn't but I added that JAL is one of my favorite airlines πŸ˜‰

First Class Cabin

JAL first class cabin on the Boeing 777-300ER.

On this flight, only 3 of the 8 first class seats were occupied.

As for my pre-departure beverage, I was offered a glass of champagne or orange juice and I chose the former which was served with a hot towel. Shortly after, the captain welcomed us on board and informed us of our flight time of 11 hours and 30 minutes. He also informed us that we were number 10 for take off and that it would take about 15minutes.

In the meantime, I thought I'd take more pictures starting with the first class slippers and shoe horn.

JAL first class blanket

JAL first class 23 inch personal screen (I watched Into the Woods)

JAL first class headphones by BOSE

JAL first class seat controls

JAL inflight magazines

JAL first class seat guide and safety on board card

JAL Sky Wifi ranging from 10USD to 18USD

JAL first class ottoman

I was also asked if I wanted to change into my pajamas, which I did and as usual, the moment I exited the lavatory, there was a cabin attendant waiting to hang my shirt and pants. Great service πŸ‘ Personally, I like it when I get enough time to change into pajamas before the meal service begins so I can already "feel myself at home". Shortly after, Abe the purser, came to my seat and welcomed me again. I joked about her name saying that it was the same as the Prime Minister of Japan and she started laughing. She was probably one of the sweetest purser I have ever met.

View after take off

Exactly an hour after push back, we were airborne and the flight attendant offered me a hot towel. She also took my drinks order and I asked for apple juice.


JAL first class menu card and wine list

JAL first class wine list

JAL first class coffee selection

A glass of apple juice and amuse bouche part 1 πŸ˜‹

JAL first class dried vegetables, shrimps and nuts

I decided I'd try the dried vegetables and some peanuts.

JAL's in-flight auberge is christened BEDD (for bed, dining, delicious and dream) with meals prepared by famous chefs all over the world πŸ‘

JAL first class Japanese Ala Carte

JAL first class Japanese Ala carte

JAL first class Western Ala carte

JAL first class Western Ala carte

I was curious about the Royal Blue Tea so I ordered it. This tea is a kind of Chinese high-grade green tea made by taking 3-7 days to drip in a wine bottle and is offered with a wine glass. It actually tasted good πŸ˜‹

JAL first class Amuse Bouche
Green asparagus, mozzarella & duck raw ham scented with lemon
Cod Brandade tomato & pine nuts with sherry vinegar jelly

JAL first class table set up

JAL first class Hors-d'ouvre
Caviar Crown Jewel with salmon and scallop tartare

JAL first class main dish
Petit ragout of Lobster, Cabbage, Chanterelle and Bacon

JAL first class dessert
Strawberry & Coconut Blanc-manger with Raspberry and Strawberry GranitΓ©

JAL first class cappucino and Jean Paul Hevin "Fleure"

Everything from the amuse bouche to the dessert tasted excellent, specially the lobster. I actually asked the flight attendant if I could keep the caviar spoon but she told me she would get a new instead. Very nice gesture. I also appreciated the fact that they made a cappuccino with sort of Moomin design even if I told them that I wouldn't be drinking it but rather just for picture taking.

After the meal service, I was given the first class amenity kit for men featuring Shiseido skin care products, Loewe bag, eye mask, dental kit, moisture mask and wet towel.

JAL first class pajama

I was also offered turn down service by Kobayashi (the flight attendant taking care of my side of the cabin) using the soft side of the mattress and was reminded to put on my seat belt. A bottle of water was also handed to me before I finally went for a sleep.

I was able to sleep for a few hours and woke up about 5 hours before arrival. Kobayashi came to my seat and asked me if I wanted to drink something and told her I would have a glass of kiwi juice and a chocolate tart from the Petit Dessert Tray selection.

To my surprise, I was served not only the Chocolate Tart but the other two sweets, Foret Noire with Pistachio Cream and Fromage Blanc with Sakura Jelly. I was told that the chocolate tart portion was too small so she decided to offer all three. So cool πŸ‘ I also had a cup of green tea with my meal.

Lavatory & Toilet

JAL's washlet in the sky, my personal favorite πŸ˜‰

Japan Airlines washlet controls

As far as I know, only JAL and ANA have this sort of platform which you can use so that you don't have to step on the floor when changing into pajamas. Very genial idea so Kudos to both of you πŸ‘

First Class Bar

Japan Airlines first class bar.


JAL airshow enroute to Frankfurt

About 3 hours before landing, one of the flight attendants came to my seat and offered me a hot towel. An hour later, I was asked if I wanted to eat something before landing and I thought I would choose the set plate from the Western menu, just like my first meal.

Fumiko's Japanese set plate

Fumiko's Western set plate

"Kurobuta" Pork & Eggplant Moussaka in Salad Style
Citrus and Taggiasca Olive Salad
Special Bread: Maison Kayser

"Kurobuta" Pork and Eggplant Moussaka

After a very satisfying meal, I went to the lavatory to change to my pants and shirts and when I returned to my seat, I noticed that they folded my pajama case and sweater which was a very nice gesture πŸ‘ Abe, came to my seat to thank me once again for flying with them and around 16:25, we landed at Frankfurt Main Airport. The captain also came on the PA, thanked us and apologized for the slight delay in arrival.


This was my third time to fly on JAL and just like the first two flights, the service was topnotch. I was always addressed by my name and the extra things like folding my blanket whenever I leave my seat and go to the lavatory and always making sure that my drinks were never empty were very much appreciated. I also was grateful that they made a cappuccino for me even if it was just for picture taking. The extra serving of sweets I got was also exceptional. These are actually the things that make them one of my favorite airlines together with ANA and Asiana. To all the crew on this flight, "Arigato" and hope to fly with you again soon πŸ™‡