Review: Lufthansa A330 First Class, Frankfurt to Dubai

Trip to Kazakhstan in Lufthansa First Class and Dubai to Stockholm in Qatar Airways Business Class

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Kazakhstan for the first time where I spent two nights in the capital city of Astana. I flew from Dubai to Astana via Frankfurt (and back) in Lufthansa First Class using my miles and needless to say, it was one of the best trips I've ever had. I had a separate ticket on Qatar Airways between Stockholm and Dubai where I flew in economy class on the outbound and business class on the inbound. My business class ticket on Qatar Airways from Dubai gave me the chance to visit their newly opened lounge which was really nice, as well as that of British Airways'. This whole trip lasted for a week and eventhough it was very extensive, I loved every single minute of it!

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Lufthansa A330 first class cabin

Flight: LH 630
Departure time in Frankfurt: 14:05
Arrival time in Dubai: 22:30
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Seat: 2A
Duration: 6h 25m
Date of flight: September 12, 2016
*This is an award travel, First Class flight #39

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport

Since I had a few liquids which exceeded the limit for hand carried luggage, I decided to check in my rollaboard.

Lufthansa First Class check in counters

I was immediately helped by a friendly agent who helped me with my check-in luggage and for "extra care", I asked if they had luggage tags for fragile items but unfortunately, they didn't.

It got the HON luggage tag though so it was okay. Then, I went downstairs and made my way to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Lufthansa First Class Terminal

I took the elevator upstairs and was met by Virginia, a very friendly agent from Valencia, Spain who became my personal assistant during my whole stay in the lounge. I guess not so many airlines offers this service to their first class passengers so Kudos to Lufthansa for this! After clearing security, she started giving me a tour of the lounge. I've previously visited this lounge a few years back but it was nice to refresh my memory. Since I had a pretty long transit time, I requested for one of the 2 private bedrooms but unfortunately, both were occupied. She then accompanied me to Elizabeth, the staff working in the shower and bedroom area where I was booked for the next available slot. Before leaving me, Virginia asked for my passport and told me she'd be back later when it's time to take the limousine to the aircraft. In the meantime, I settled in one of the office cubicles where I was able to get some work done.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal bar

At around 11am, Virginia came to me and informed me that one of the private bedrooms was available. Cool! I really liked Lufthansa's bedroom as it was spacious and the bed was very comfortable. Inside the room, there's a bottle of mineral water and a pair of eyeshades as well. Well, it is not as luxurious as the bedroom you will find in Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Lounge in Doha but it is still one of the best there is, in my opinion.

Video of one of the private bedrooms in the First Class Terminal

It is not always easy for me to fall asleep when I'm not home but this time, I fell asleep immediately and woke up when my alarm went off at 12 noon. It was time for my shower!

Lufthansa First Class terminal bathroom with ETRO Relent shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion.

Video of the bathroom in the First Class Terminal

Then, it was time to have a light lunch. During my visit, Lufthansa's theme was "American Diner".

American Diner menu card

I actually took a little of everything from the buffet since it was much easier and faster as I did not have much time left.


By 1:30pm, Virginia came to me and informed me that due to technical problems in the aircraft, boarding would be delayed and that she would give me an update in 10 minutes. Less than 10 minutes later, Virginia came to fetch me and the other first class passenger as it was time to take our ride to the aircraft.

We passed by a Boeing 747-8i ...

... before reaching "Cuxhaven" parked at B25 which would fly us to Dubai!

This is the same type of aircraft I've flown on my previous flights with Lufthansa so I would be concentrating more on the food and service.


The first class cabin with a 1-2-1 configuration in two rows has a total of 8 seats.

As I boarded, I was welcomed by Brigitte, a very nice flight attendant from Austria who showed me my seat, 2A. There was already a guy seated in 2G when me and the other first class passenger arrived so we were all in all 3 in the cabin.


My seat, 2A 😊

View from my seat.

Seat controls located on the right arm rest.

Bose headphones and IFE controls

Moments after settling in, I was offered some predeparture beverage and I chose a glass of apple juice which was served with some nuts. Brigitte also offered to bring me the amenity kit and pyjamas and thought I'd ask for the female version for my collection. Moments later, Jan, the other flight attendant working in the first class cabin came to offer me the amenity kit although he had both the male and the female amenity kits for me. Thanks so much Jan! I actually liked him as he was very nice (not that he gave me both amenity kits) but because he was really friendly and very easy to talk with.

I was also offered a hot towel which was followed by the menu card and wine list. Moments later, the captain came on the PA to welcome us onboard. Newspapers were also offered by Brigitte although I declined.

The purser came on the PA and advised us of our flight time of 5 hours and 50 minutes. Around 2:15pm, the captain came on the PA again to inform us that we would need to wait for a few minutes more due to a lot of aircraft taxiing. Five minutes later, we started our pushback and by this time, the safety video started to play.


Sun Express

Take off went smoothly and moments later, we were airborne. Again, the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was forbidden due to recent incidents were the batteries would overheat.

From the movie selection, I chose to watch "Me Before You" which was a nice movie, and (which of course) made me cry in the end.


Lufthansa First Class menu and wine card

From Lufthansa's website, the menu read as follows:

Lufthansa first class menu, Frankfurt to Dubai

Snack menu

Wine Menu

The first class champagne was Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle.

White wines

White wines

Hot beverages

Hot beverages

By 15:50, the bar was set up and moments later, the cabin chief came to welcome us all in the f cabin. I wanted to maximize sleep so I went to the lavatory to change into pyjamas so I could go to sleep after the meal service. When I came out, Brigette offered to hang my clothes but I declined.

Returning to my seat, an amuse bouche was already waiting for me which tasted excellent.

For my drinks, I sticked with my usual apple juice.

Bread was also offered and I chose a panini.

Lufthansa first class dining

I sticked with the usual caviar and "Octopus with Mixed Mango Medley and Tapioca" both of which were phenomenal.

Octopus with Mixed Mango Medley and Tapioca

My drinks was continuously refilled and was offered more bread, a sign of excellent dining experience.

For my main course, I had the "Fried Pike-Perch and Pike White Sausage, Creme Fraiche Sauce, Pumpkin and Pretzel Dumpling" which was delicious.

Airshow enroute Dubai Airport

For my dessert, I had the "Soup of Mango, pink Grapefruit and Sago with caramelized Lime Zest". I was also offered some cheese and pralines but I declined. Jan also offered to make my bed but I just asked for a blanket instead which came with a bottle of mineral water.

Me enjoying my dessert 😋

As I was not yet sleepy, I decided to watch more movies and chose "Angry Birds".

Club Sandwich with Potato Chips, Seasonal Fruits

I slept for more than two hours I guess and when I woke up, I ordered something from the snacks since our arrival time in Dubai was scheduled at 10:30pm and I had planned to go to bed upon reaching the hotel.

A glass of apple juice

Hot towel


Lufthansa first class lavatory with products from La Prairie

The captain once again came on the PA with about 40 minutes left before landing giving us updated arrival infos.

Landing in Dubai International Airport

We landed at Dubai International Airport around 10:25pm although it took us about 8 minutes before we reached gate C52.

Upon disembarking, I was met by a young Filipina who escorted me and the other F passenger seated in 2G to the immigration and security controls, both of which went smoothly. Minutes later, I was on my way to the hotel where I would spend a night before taking my flight to Stockholm via Doha on Qatar Airways.


A visit to the First Class Terminal (with all the personal assistant, excellent food and the limousine service to the aircraft) is a must experience when flying in first class as it is one of the best there is. Brigette offering to hang my clothes and Jan offering to make my bed and continuously doing refill of my drinks showed that I had the best crew on this flight. The seat is one of the most comfortable seats there is and even though it is not a suite, there is still privacy as one can always use the privacy dividers. Lastly, the Marhaba Service upon arrival in Dubai was such a luxury since you can just skip all the lines during peak hours. Needless to say I really enjoyed everything about this flight and would surely fly with Lufthansa again when I get the chance. To all the crew on this flight, "Danke Schön!"

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