Top Attractions in Croatia

Me with the view of the Old Town in Dubrovnik

First visit: March 2016
Places visited: Dubrovnik
Photography: Arthur Jeciel

Last month, Mike and I traveled to Dubrovnik for two nights for my 42nd birthday celebration. We stayed at the beautiful Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik and were fortunate enough to have really nice weather during our stay. The Old Town and the City Walls were my personal favorites as well as taking the cable car and visiting the Homeland War Museum inside the Imperial Fort. Of course, the beaches are the top favorite here during summer. Here are some of the things we visited and which I would recommend to my fellow travelers.

Dubrovnik City Walls: This is a must when in Dubrovnik. Entrance fee is 120HRK

Pile Gate

Main Street Placa (Stradun)

Bell Tower and Bell Lounge

St. Blaise Church

Dubrovnik Cathedral

Old Port

Dubrovnik Cable Car: Entrance fee is 120KN

Homeland War Museum: I have to admit I did not know anything about the war during this period so this museum is a must if you want to learn something about it.

Memorial Room of Dubrovnik Defenders

Orlando's Column


Big Onofrio's Fountain

Small Onofrio's Fountain

City Hall and Marin Drzic's Theater

St. Lawrence Fortress: Entrance is free if you already bought the ticket to the City Walls.

St. Ignatius Church: A very good example of Baroque style

Taking any of the boat tours depending on how much time you have. We took the shorter one lasting for about an hour and a half and visiting the nearby islands.

Franciscan Monastery Museum

Enjoying great seafood meals: If you love seafood, then Dubrovnik is the place for you as they have lots of fresh fish, squid, shrimp, etc. which cost much cheaper than here in Stockholm!

Taking the public transportation

Game of Thrones Tour: If you are a fan of this TV series, then this tour is for you. We were not able to do the tour personally but this is a must for the fans specially because the program only runs from 15th of March to 30th of April (at least for this year).

A short video of the surroundings while doing our Dubrovnik City Walls tour.

Here's another one.

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