Review: Copa Airlines Business Class, Panama to Miami


Copa Airlines business class, Panama to Miami

Trip to Quito and Galapagos

Flight: CM485
Departure time in Panama (PTY): 11:58
Arrival time in Miami (MIA): 16:08
Aircraft: Boeing 737 (HP-1837CMP)
Seat: 3A then to 4A
Duration: 3h 10m
Date of flight: October 11, 2023
*This is a revenue ticket upgraded with cash ($135), Business Class flight #250

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Copa Club, Panama Tocumen Airport

As a business class passenger, I could use both of the lounges in Panama Airport (and which I did), one on each terminals although the walking time between these two is about 1015 minutes. I had a long connection time so it was not a problem for me.

My flight from Quito Airport landed on time and parked in Terminal 1 so I first visited the old Copa Club which I thought was less crowded. Food offering was the same as in Terminal 2.

Then, I proceeded to Terminal 2 to visit the new Copa Club. This lounge opened in July 2023, boasting of a modern design and very good amenities including a TV room, business center, private offices, family zone, nap room, lockers and a terrace with a beautiful bar.

Boarding Gate 110A (Terminal 1)

I arrived at the boarding gate around 11:08am for the 11:58am departure.

Aircraft, Boeing 737 (HP-1837CMP)

This Boeing 737 just flew from Guatemala earlier today.

Boarding commenced at 11:14am starting with those flying in business class and those with status.

Business Class Cabin

The business cabin consisted of seats from rows 1-4 in a 2-2 configuration. 

I originally chose seat 3A but a lady needed to sit beside her mother so I moved to 4A. All the 16 seats were occupied on this flight.

Seat 4A

My seat 4A is a window seat.

Spacious legroom

Panorama magazine, safety card, air-sickness bag

Seat controls, USB port, headphones socket

Under the right armrest is the personal screen.

Ac power ports are located under the middle armrest.

Under the left armrest is the tray table.

Personal air vents, reading lamp

It was a bit cold in the cabin so I asked for a blanket.

Pre-Departure Beverage

I was offered orange juice or water by the flight attendant and chose the latter.

At 11:45am, the flight attendant came to ask for our meal choice, there was no menu so he informed us that they had Asian chicken with rice and ravioli pasta. I chose the chicken with rice. He also asked if I wanted the mixed nuts and drinks to be served after take off, for which I said yes.

There was a long wait for take off, the captain informed us around 12:21pm that there was no estimate for our departure and 14 minutes later, there was still no news. Suddenly a minute later, we were informed that we would now taxi for take off. At 12:45pm, we could finally take off.


Moments after the seatbelt sign was turned off, the crew started serving some nuts and drinks. I chose the guava pineapple juice which was very good.

Then came lunch, the whole meal was served on a tray which included the chicken with rice, salad, bread and butter.
Bread plate

I like the design of the ceramic tray 👍

The Asian chicken with rice was actually very good 😋

For dessert, we were served some sponge cake which was perfect.


Strangely, although it was shown on the screen that the crew would distribute earphones, it never happened. As a result, the only TV program I could watch was "Just for Laughs Gags".


Airshow enroute to Miami.

It was cool to watch an American Airlines plane to our left also heading to Miami Airport.


There is one lavatory located in front of the cabin.


Landing in Miami Airport

We landed in Miami Airport at 4:10pm and reached our gate 8minutes later.


This was actually my first ever flight with Copa Airlines in business class, thanks to their bid upgrade. I already had access to the lounge in Panama Airport as I have Star Alliance gold status and I did not need to check-in any luggage (I traveled only with hand carry), so was it worth to upgrade to business class for the seat and meal for $135? I´ve done bid upgrades on Iberia and Royal Jordanian in the past and they were much cheaper so in this case, $135 is not cheap. On the other hand, I enjoyed the nice meal and comfortable seat, the crew were friendly and I was finally able to try Copa Airlines business class so for me, it was worth it 😉


  1. The food is dreadful, both on business and economy.

    1. I only flew with them short haul (economy and business class) and thought they were pretty decent. Not sure about their long haul flights ...


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