Photo Review: Qantas B737 Business Class, Ayers Rock-Sydney


Qantas B737 business class, Ayers Rock to Sydney

Trip to Australia visiting Melbourne, Alice Springs & Ayers Rock

Flight: QF729
Departure time in Ayers Rock (AYQ): 12:20 (actual 13:05)
Arrival time in Sydney (SYD): 16:45 (actual 17:15)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 (VH-VXK)
Seat: 2A
Duration: 2h 29m
Date of flight: October 30, 2022
*This is an award ticket using British Airways miles, Business Class flight #235

Video on YouTube

Ayers Rock Airport (Connellan Airport)


Security Check & Airside Facilities

View while on the queue for security check


Some more info about Uluru in the Viewing Area


Viewing Area

Boarding, Gate 1


Aircraft, Boeing 737-800 (VH-VXK)

This was the same aircraft I flew with a few days ago from Melbourne to Alice Springs.

Business Class Cabin

The business class cabin in 2-2 configuration from rows 1 to 3. On this flight, 9 of the 12 seats were occupied.

Seat map

Seat, 2A

My seat 2A

A bottle of water was offered upon boarding.

Inflight Safety Video

Inflight safety video

As usual, there was wifi on board which was complimentary and fast 👍

View from my seat after take-off.

I was on the wrong side of the cabin (left side) since Uluru could by seen those seating by the window on the right side of the cabin. I did see Uluru one last time though from my seat and bid goodbye 😉


There was a choice between roast chicken or braised lamb and I chose the latter, and which was very flavorful 😋

For drinks, I had ginger ale which was automatically served with ice, and which I had to remove myself. I think the British Airways crew would normally ask if you want it with ice or not 😉

Chamomile tea

Qantas tissue

Landing in Sydney

We landed in Sydney at 5:15pm, 30 minutes behind schedule.