Video: Trip to Malapascua Island


Malapascua Island

Trip to the Philippines flying Turkish Airlines Business Class

The great thing about having a home in Cebu is that we could always plan our next trips easily. I knew how long we would stay in Mactan (where we live) so it was just a matter of searching for a cheap flight to Bacolod and Iloilo (which we did earlier this month) and then the 2-day trip to Malapascua which we did a few days ago. We took the shared van from the North Bus Station near SM City Cebu and paid 350 PHP per person, plus another 35 PHP to be driven directly to Maya Port. We then took the boat to Malapascua (after paying the 150 PHP environmental fee) which cost about 400 PHP per person as we were only 5 and decided to leave ASAP. For our hotel in Malapascua, we stayed two nights at the Hippocampus Hotel which was a really nice, tranquil place to enjoy days by the beach. Of course, we did the island hopping tour where we did 4 stops including the Coral Garden and the Japanese ship wreck. It was definitely one of the most idyllic vacations we´ve had as there were much less people during weekdays (and much less these days after the pandemic) and the water was just so calm. In comparison, the snorkeling we did here is not to be compared with the ones you can do in El Nido and Coron as the latter offers almost the best snorkeling tour we have ever done. Still, we loved Malapascua because of the beautiful beach and its idyllic setting 😉

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*The video was taken during our visit in October 2022.