Top Attractions in Gdansk


Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Gdansk

Last month, I visited the city of Gdansk for the first time and was really captivated by it´s beauty. The Basilica of St. Mary I believe is the largest brick church in the world, the old Town Hall (now the Gdansk Museum) was really worth a visit and gave me the chance to see the city from the viewing deck with really nice views and the fact that the St. Dominic´s Fair was also being celebrated during our visit just made the city more exciting. There were lots of Motlawa River cruise to take, some offering sunset cruise but due to limited time, we just took the one in the morning. Needless to say, the restaurants were full packed and all three restaurants we visited offered tasty and satisfying meals. If you are traveling to Gdansk, here are some of my travel tips and as always, feel free to comment on the section below with your own travel tips. 

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The Crane

Mariacka, a very charming street with amber shops (Gdansk is famous for its ambers)

Amber Sky and Gdansk neon light

Neptune´s Fountain with the Old Town Hall in the background

Basilica of St. Mary

Inside the Basilica of St. Mary

Great views from the viewing deck, Basilica of St. Mary

Gdansk Museum (Old Town Hall)

Gdansk Museum

The ship-museum Sołdek, also known as the floating museum.

Taking one of the many river cruises like this one. 

The one we took was with Holiday Boat, ticket price was 60 Zloty.

Original Amber Museum (temporarily closed)

New Amber Museum building

Green Gate, located between Long Market and the River Motlawa

Dlugi Targ or Long Market is full of restaurants and shops

Artus Court

Golden Gate

St. Catherine´s Church the tower of which we could see from our room at the Hilton Gdansk.

Museum of Second World War as seen from our hotel room 👍

Most Chlebowy, a 14th century canal crossing with lovely views.
Old Market Hall

Old Market Hall