Top Attractions in Qatar

National Museum of Qatar

First visit: October 2013
My Country #35

In October 2013, I was able to visit Doha for the first time making Qatar my 35th visited land. In April 2019, I was back in Doha where I was able to visit the newly opened National Museum of Qatar which is definitely one of the most unique and modern museums I have been to. In case you are traveling to Doha, here are some of my travel tips.

National Museum of Qatar: Opened in late 2019, the impressive architecture outside will surely capture your eyes. But wait until you explore what´s inside 👍

Inside the impressive National Museum of Qatar

Museum of Islamic Art: This museum has one of the best collections of Islamic art. Definitely a must visit when in Doha.

Fanar Islamic Cultural Center: I did not have the time to go inside but try to do so when you have the time. Also, the spiral tower is just beautiful.

The skyline: Due to heavy traffic, I was not able to visit the Corniche, but I hope to visit it next time.

Gold Souq: Yes, there is plenty of gold in the Middle East, and they are a lot cheaper too.

Soug Waqif: It literally means "The Standing Market". This market is renowned for selling traditional garments and handicrafts. Lots of restaurants and cafes too.

Old Town: A stroll in the Old Town is never to be missed here in Doha 😍

Watching the sunset: Isn't it lovely 😉

The Shopping Malls: I know, they don't have the likes of Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates here but the malls in Doha are still worth visiting.

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