A Day In Kuwait

Kuwait Skyline as seen from Sharq Souk

First visit: November 2018
My Country #73

A few weeks ago, I visited Kuwait for the first time, making this little Gulf republic my fourth new country for 2018. Just like it´s oil-rich neighboring countries, the country boasts beautiful skyscrapers and modern infrastructure. Unfortunately, not opening much to tourists unlike Dubai and Abu Dhabi makes it not a very popular destination. In case you are visiting Kuwait in the future, here are some of the places I visited during my stay and which I would recommend to everyone.

Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Kuwait Towers

If you are visiting Kuwait Towers during day time, it is worth to know that the towers are actually more beautiful at night when they are lit, and that a visit in the evening is also a great option.

Fantastic view of the city skyline from the Viewing Sphere 😍

Seif Palace with it´s beautiful watch tower

Grand Mosque

Mubarkiya: Shopping, dining, etc.

Gold Souk 😉

Liberation Tower: Sadly, the viewing platform has been closed for years now.

Safat Square

The beautiful beach

Sharq Souk: It reminded me of Souk Al Bahar near The Dubai Fountain at first glance. Unfortunately, the shops were empty.

Dinner Buffet at the Horizon Restaurant, Kuwait Towers: It might be a bit pricey but the extensive food offering won´t disappoint.

Fishing Boat Harbour

Kuwait Skyline

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