Review: American Airlines A321 Business Class, Los Angeles-Honolulu

American Airlines First Class, Los Angeles to Honolulu

After staying overnight at an airport hotel in LAX, it was time to continue flying to my destination, Honolulu. It was my first time to visit this beautiful island so I was really excited in taking this flight.

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Flight: AA283
Departure time in Los Angeles (LAX): 9:45 Terminal 5
Arrival time in Honolulu (HNL): 12:55
Aircraft: Airbus A321 Sharklets
Seat: 1A
Duration: 6h 10m
Date of flight: April 4, 2018
*This is a revenue ticket, Business Class flight #157

Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Los Angeles Airport Terminal 5

I arrived at LAX Terminal 5 around 8:25am and decided to use one of their check-in kiosks.

Unfortunately, I needed some assistance, and that meant going to Terminal 4 since the queue (here) according to the agent was long. Around 8:35am, I was helped by a friendly agent in one of the desks in Terminal 4 and a minute later, I was given my boarding pass. I did not have much time so I immediately went to security which unfortunately went slowly.

Los Angeles Airport

Aircraft, A321

On this flight, we flew on an Airbus A32B.

Boarding, Gate 50B

I did not have time to visit the lounge and just went straight to Gate 50B where they were already boarding group 5.

Cabin, First Class

The first class cabin on the Airbus 321 of American Airlines consists of 18 seats from rows 1-4 in a 2-2 configuration. It's actually business class but they call it first class just like Qatar Airways on their intra-gulf flights.

Seat, 1A

My seat 1A is a bulkhead window seat

Already waiting at my seat was the Casper bedding set 👍

Personal screen and seat pocket

Inflight magazines, air-sickness bag

Entertainment controller

Power port, USB port

Around 9:10am, an announcement was made on the PA telling that this flight is a full flight.

AVIS earphones were offered around 9:30am.

Two minutes later, one of the flight attendants working in the first class cabin came (addressing me by my surname) to offer some pre-departure beverage but I declined since I already had a bottle of mineral water.

Dasani mineral water

We were also given a form from the Department of Agriculture

Around 9:38am, the captain came on the PA to welcome us onboard and to inform us that they were still loading the baggage and we will leave on time, and perhaps arrive early in Honolulu. Our flight time was scheduled at 5 hours and 33 minutes.

Three minutes later, the inflight safety video was played on the screen.


The aircraft was equipped with wifi although it was not complimentary.

Around 9:43am, we began our push back.


Airshow en route to Honolulu

From the movie/TV selection, I watched the continuation of "All the Money in the World" and Genius Jr.

Take Off

Around 10:03am, it was time for take off ✈

Minutes after being airborne, an announcement was made reminding the passengers to fill up the Agriculture form as they would collect them before landing.


Around 10:16am, the flight attendant came to ask for our drinks order. I really liked the Hawaiian apron the flight attendants wore although I was not able to take a picture of it.

I settled for a glass of apple juice which was served with ice. I normally don't drink very cold beverages but it was too late to ask the FA to remove it so I just waited until it was no longer that cold 😉

I had pre-ordered my main course on American Airlines website and chose the Crab cake/Scrambled Eggs but a few days before my flight, I thought I'd have the Coconut Crusted French Toast instead. Around 10:38, the flight attendant came to my seat to confirm my French Toast order. At the same time, the captain was back on the PA informing us that we would arrive early, maybe 15 minutes early and the current temperature in Honolulu which was 77 degrees.

Around 10:47am, hot towels were offered and 12 minutes later, the meal was served. We were also offered some bread (cinnamon roll or croissant) and I chose the former. 

The Coconut crusted French Toast with Mascarpone filling, Coconut syrup & Portuguese Sausage was actually very good 😋

I thought the service was friendly and food was very good 👍

About an hour and 20 minutes before landing, some snacks were offered and I took some potato chips. I was also offered a refill of apple juice. Around 11:55am, a video on prohibited plants and animals in Hawaii was shown on the screen.


First class lavatory

First class lavatory

Landing at Honolulu International Airport

Around 12:10pm, the captain came on the PA to inform us that we would be landing in 20 minutes and the temperature in Hawaii is 81 degrees. One tip is to seat on the right side of the aircraft as it is where you'll get views of Waikiki Beach and the Diamond Head. From my side, I did not see any of the things the captain spoke of on the PA 😒

View before landing

We landed in Honolulu Airport at 12:31pm. The runway is actually very close to the beautiful turquoise water of Hawaii 😍

Hawaiian Airlines and Korean Air while taxiing

Finally, I'm in Hawaii 😎

On the way to to the baggage carousels, I passed by this Air Asia Aircraft 😍


It was my first time flying to Hawaii so I was really looking forward to this flight. The seats were comfortable and wide. I also liked the fact that American Airlines offer Casper bedding even on this day flight. The crew were actually friendly and the meal I pre-ordered tasted very good. The flight attendant serving my apple juice with ice (without asking if I actually wanted ice) was not that nice although I guess he was just preparing me for the hot weather in Hawaii 😉 Overall, it was a very nice flight and I'd highly recommend flying American Airlines first class from Los Angeles to Honolulu to everyone.