Review: SAS Plus, Stockholm to Malaga

SAS Airbus A320 flying over Malaga

Flight: SK 1803
Departure time in Stockholm (ARN): 10:45 (actual 11:05)
Arrival time in Malaga (AGP): 15:05 (actual 14:59)
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Seat: 7A
Duration: 4h 20min
Date of flight: February 20, 2018
*Revenue Ticket, Business Class flight #149

Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

I arrived at the airport around 9:15am and headed straight to security screening as I already had my boarding pass and I had no luggage to check-in.

Fast Track

Fast Track at Arlanda Airport

SAS Gold Lounge

I also had the time to visit the SAS Gold Lounge before going to the boarding gate.

Aircraft, A320 Neo

This Airbus A320 Neo is just 7 months old 😉

Boarding, Gate 8

Boarding was scheduled at 10:25am and I was at the gate five minutes early. Then an announcement was made that they were looking for volunteers who can take the later flight on Air France via Paris as the SAS flight was fully booked. When it was time to scan my boarding pass, I asked if they were still looking for a volunteer. The agent said yes but when I told him I would love to fly in business class, he immediately checked it if it was okay but unfortunately, they couldn't offer it.

Cabin, SAS Plus

SAS Plus cabin, Stockholm to Malaga

The SAS Plus cabin was spread from rows 1 to 7 with all seats taken.

Seat, 7A

SAS Plus seats, right side of the cabin

SAS Plus seat

My seat 7A was a window. The legroom was okay but perhaps taller passengers would have an issue with it.

There's a USB outlet at every seat.

Coat hook

Tray table (it looks like it wasn't cleaned well)

Inflight magazines, safety instruction card, menu card, waste bag

Boarding was completed around 10:50am and moments later, the captain came on the PA to give his welcome message and that our flight time would be 3 hours and 50 minutes.

The safety demo was also done and we had our pushback at 11:05am.

THAI Airways at Arlanda Airport

We had a nice take off around 11:15am.


Moments after the seat belt sign was turned off, an announcement was made regarding the meal service. SAS Plus passengers would get complimentary meal which on this flight would be smoked salmon. SAS Go passengers would get complimentary coffee and tea and can buy food onboard if they like.

Menu card for SAS Go passengers

To start the meal service, hot towels were offered. Then, a box containing the food was offered, as well as the Spinach & Tomato Frittata.

SAS Plus meal

Although it was announced we would get smoked salmon, it was actually smoked rooster breast that was served 😉

Smoked Rooster Breast and Potato Salad 😋

Spinach & Tomato Frittata

Drinks were also offered and I had the Ringi apple juice.

To end the meal service, coffee and tea as well as pralines were offered.

Around 2:05pm, the captain came on the PA to advise us to fasten our seat belt as it would turbulent.

Landing at Malaga Airport, Costa del Sol

At about 2:44pm, the captain was back on the PA to inform us that we would be landing in 20 minutes and that the weather in Malaga is sunny with 20 degrees.

View before landing

We landed at Malaga Airport at 2:59pm and reached our gate a couple of minutes later.


This was actually my 5th time flying in SAS Plus to Spain and just like the previous times, the food was nice although the seats (with no middle seats being blocked) was something I wish they would rethink. The crew were friendly and even if we left Stockholm with a bit of delay, we were still able to make up for it and even arrive earlier. Overall, a nice flight and definitely one of the best ways to earn Turkish Airlines status miles the cheap way 😉