Review: THAI Business Class, Hong Kong-Bangkok

THAI Airways Business Class appetizer, Hong Kong to Bangkok

Flight: TG 639
Departure time in Hong Kong (HKG): 18:55
Arrival time in Bangkok (BKK): 20:40
Aircraft: A330-300
Seat: 14K
Duration: 2h 45m
Date of flight: February 19, 2017
*This is an award travel, Business Class flight #126

Hong Kong International Airport, Terminal 2

Terminal 2, HKIA

Check-in, Desk Q2

I had planned to visit all three Star Alliance lounges for my flight to Bangkok so I was already at the airport around 11:35am, having read from their website that check-in desks are open from 6am to 8:05pm. THAI Airways check-in desks in Terminal 2 are located in the Q section of the terminal. Check-in counter Q1 is for Royal First Class passengers while Q2 to Q4 are for business class passengers.  I was helped by a friendly agent in counter Q2 who confirmed that my final destination was Tokyo. She also informed me that I had to pay 50HKD  (for the government surcharge) since it was not collected when my award ticket was issued. I didn't have cash so there was an additional 2HKD when I paid with my credit card which was okay. Before I left for the security check, I inquired if there was a fast track lane and I was told that they don't have it. When I asked why, she told me that everybody is treated fairly here. The only ones who get a special lane are APEC delegates. I get it 😉

On the way to the departures gate


After clearing security, my first stop on my lounge hopping was the gorgeous Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge. Not only was the design beautiful but in my opinion, they also had the best food offering among the three Star Alliance lounges here in HKIA.

After enjoying a refreshing shower and some snacks, I left the Singapore Airlines lounge and took the train to Gates 40-80 and 201-230 where the THAI Royal Orchid Lounge and United Club are located. Between the three lounges, I spent most of my time here, where I was able to do some work.

Then, about an hour before boarding, I transferred to the nearby United Club, where I was able to enjoy their delicious dumplings 😋

Aircraft, A330-300

THAI Airbus A330-300 flying us to Bangkok

Boarding, Gate 36

Boarding was scheduled at 6:15pm at Gate 36 although it started 10 minutes later, with business class passengers and those with Star Alliance gold status getting priority boarding.

Dedicated lane for premium passengers and status members.


THAI's business class cabin on the Airbus A330 consists of 36 seats from rows 11-17 (without row 13) in a 2-2-2 configuration. On this flight, all the seats were occupied.

Seat, 14K

My seat, 14K was a window seat.

I had previously chosen 14K days before this flight so I was glad I was able to keep it. Already waiting at my seat was a pillow, a blanket and the headphones.

THAI Airways A330 business class screen

THAI Airways business class blanket

From the movie selection, I ended up watching "Dark Shadows" starring Johnny Depp.

Parked to our right was an Emirates Airbus A380. 😉

A few minutes after settling in, we were offered towels (which were almost dry 👎) and some newspapers. Drinks were also offered with a choice of champagne, water and the purple drink. I chose the purple drink which was really cold as it was served with ice cubes.

Moments later, one of the flight attendants came to take my main course order.

Around 6:48pm, the inflight safety video was played.

This was followed by a special video of the late King of Thailand.

Pushback was at 6:54pm although there was much traffic at Hong Kong Airport that it took 25 minutes before we could take off.

Around 7:34pm, the captain came on the PA to give us some flight informations including our estimated arrival time of 9:05pm and the weather in Bangkok which was partly cloudy.


THAI Airways business class menu card

The menu read as follows:

The meal service started with the flight attendants serving some almonds and drinks where I got a glass of apple juice.

Moments later, the appetizer was served which was fantastic 😋 Bread and drinks were also offered later.

Deep-fried Marinated Pork with Steamed Rice

Unfortunately, the rice had too much water when it was cooked so the result was not that good. I should know since I've been cooking rice for 30 years now 😉

After the main course, a cheese plate was served.

To end the meal, desserts and coffee/tea were offered, and I had my usual green tea to go with my Raspberry Mousse Cake.

Immigration forms were distributed after the meal service but since I was just transiting in Bangkok, I didn't really need it.


Airshow enroute to Bangkok

As usual, a video guide of Bangkok Airport Arrival and Transit was shown before landing. The captain came on the PA one last time to give us updated flight informations and to apologize for the delay.

Landing at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

We landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 9pm although the aircraft parked in a remote stand. Good thing we had the beautiful THAI Boeing 787 Dreamliner parked beside us to look at 😉

THAI Airways special van for first class passengers

As a business class passenger, I was one of the first ones to disembark although I seemed to be the only one who got a special van to drive me to the Terminal, as all the others were probably connecting to a business class flight (and had to use the regular bus) while my connecting flight to Tokyo was in first class 👍

I was escorted by a THAI agent all this time afterwhich we took a golf cart to the security check.

On our way to security check.

Everything went smoothly and in no time at all, I was at the THAI Royal First Lounge waiting for my connecting flight to Tokyo.


Again, a very nice flight in THAI Airways business class from Hong Kong to Bangkok. I loved the fact that the check-in counters of THAI Airways in Hong Kong Airport were already open in the morning which allowed me to check in early and visit all three Star Alliance lounges. The appetizer was excellent although it was unfortunate that the rice was not cooked properly. The "dry towel" could have also been avoided. Lastly, the THAI agent who picked me up upon arrival in Bangkok Airport and escorted me all the way to the first class lounge was just amazing. It was not perfect but overall, it was a very nice flight 😉

*This trip from Hong Kong to Bangkok in Business Class and Bangkok to Tokyo in First Class would have cost me 29,223 SEK if I had not booked it with miles.

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