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First visit: November 2016
My Country #64

Trip to Vilnius, Lithuania and Tallinn, Estonia

A couple of weeks ago, I was traveling again and this time, I visited two Baltic cities namely, Vilnius and Tallinn. It was my first time to visit Vilnius and I was really glad to have visited this beautiful city as they have a very nice Old Town with lots of interesting sights to visit. Since I have gold status with Club Carlson, I booked my first night at the Radisson BLU Hotel Lietuva which is famous for its Skybar and my second night at the Radisson BLU Royal Astorija Hotel which is located in the heart of the Old Town and where famous dignitaries like the King of Sweden and ex US President Bush have stayed in the past. Although I've been to Tallinn a few years ago, it was only for a few hours as we were on a cruise that time. This time, I stayed for two nights, staying at the Park Inn by Radisson Central Tallinn on my first night and at the newly opened Hilton Tallinn Park for my second night where I was given an upgrade to a one bedroom suite 😍 I flew with SAS and LOT in economy class during this trip but since I have Star Alliance gold status, I had access to the SAS Gold Lounge in Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, the IDW Esperanza Resort Lounge in Vilnius Airport and the Business Lounge in Tallinn Airport. It was just a short trip since I had to be back in Stockholm for work but I definitely enjoyed every minute of it and hopefully, I will be back again soon 😉

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Review: Radisson BLU Royal Astorija Hotel
Top Attractions in Lithuania
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Top Attractions in Estonia
Review: Business Lounge, Tallinn Airport

Selfie with the Gedimina's Tower, Vilnius

A few weeks ago, I visited Lithuania for the first time, where I spent two nights in the capital city of Vilnius. I've seen a lot of pictures of the Old Town prior to my visit so I had more or less an idea on what to expect. Still, to be able to visit the sights personally was such an experience since the Vilnius Old Town is one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Eastern Europe with a mixture of various architecture. The exterior of St. Ann's Church was so beautifully preserved I would consider it as one of the most beautiful churches I've seen 🙇 The view from Gedimina's Castle (Upper Castle) was so impressive that even if I missed the Skybar at the Radisson BLU Hotel Lietuva, I was relieved that I had seen the beauty of the surroundings from above. Of course, the Vilnius Cathedral and it's Clock Tower were just as beautiful. I guess I had come a few days early since the Christmas Market in the Cathedral Square was supposed to open five days after my visit. I guess it's another reason to come back to Vilnius 😉 Needless to say, I really enjoyed my short stay in this beautiful European city and with it's friendly people, good food and interesting sights, I am sure to come back in the future 😉 In case you are traveling to Vilnius, here are some of my traveltips:

Vilnius Cathedral and the Bell Tower: Visiting Vilnius is not complete without visiting the Cathedral. A mass was actually being celebrated during my visit and as a Catholic, I was happy to stay even for a few minutes.

Cathedral Square: This is where you'll find the Christmas Market. During my visit, they were already assembling the giant Christmas Tree 🎄🎅

Gedimina's Tower: For great views of the Old Town and it's surrounding, this is the place to be.

Short video while visiting Gedimina's Tower

St. Ann's Church: Dating back from the 16th century, the church's Flamboyant Gothic and Brick Gothic styles will surely captivate you.

Gate of Dawn: This chapel is one of it's kind and the painting of the Virgin Mary is definitely one of the most decorated I have seen.

The Church of All Saints: Built in the 1600's, this Carmelite Baroque style church is simply beautiful with its bell tower next to it.

St. Casimir Jesuit Church: This church is right across the Radisson BLU Royal Astorija where I stayed for a night so it was hard to miss it's beautiful architecture.

Vilnius Town Hall

Town Hall Square

The Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas: Built in the 1300's, this is one of the oldest Eastern Orthodox churches in Vilnius.

The Vilnius Picture Gallery

Pilies Street: This street is famous for its shops and restaurants.

Presidential Palace

Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society: If you love watching musical exhibitions, make sure you check out their website for future performances.

 Church of the Holy Trinity and the Basilian Monastery

Hales Turgus (Hales Market)

St. Nicholas Church: This is considered as the oldest surviving church in the country.

Church of St. Johns: Being part of the Vilnius University, this church was once visited by Pope John Paul II.

The Choral Synagogue: Until WWII, there were lots of synagogues in Vilnius due to a large Jewish community living here. At present, the Chorale Synagogue is the only synagogue in the city that is still in use.

Lithuanian cuisine: I was only able to try two: the Frikadeles or soft minced meat (normally served with potatoes, sliced cucumber and dill pickle although I had rice instead) and the Blynai (pancakes) but hopefully, I'll be able to try more on my next visit 😋

Taking public transportation

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