Top Attractions in Argentina

Me together with the Gauchos of Pampas

Originally posted in October 30, 2014

First visit: September 2014
Places visited: Buenos Aires, Misiones
Photography by Arthur Jeciel and Michael Pannagel

In October 2014, I was able to visit Argentina for the first time, thanks to Singelresor for arranging this trip. Our tour started in Buenos Aires and ended in the Argentinian border of the Iguazu Falls. Here are the things we have seen/visited during our stay in this beautiful country.

La Boca is one of the oldest parts of Argentina. It is a very lively area during day although we were warned that it is not advisable to roam here at night time.

Caminito Pedestrianized Street: Just try to explore La Boca through this street and you will definitely enjoy the interesting houses and shops around. Here, you also are reminded that our current Pope (Pope Francis) is from Argentina.

Boca Juniors Stadium: This is the home of the football club Boca Juniors, the most successful football team in Argentina.

Plaza de Mayo is located just in front of the Pink House, and is the square where major demonstrations take place.

The Pink House or the La Casa Rosada is the executive mansion and office of the president of Argentina. The balcony on the left side is the same balcony where Evita made her speech when she was the First Lady of the country.

The Metropolitan Cathedral is a very modern cathedral where the remains of Saint Martin is burried. This is situated close to Plaza de Mayo.

This is the former town hall of Buenos Aires located on the other side of The Pink House. It is interesting to note that the mayor and the president can actually come from two opposing parties.

Evita's grave at the Recoleta Cemetery. According to Laura, our guide, Evita's grave would have not been placed inside the Recoleta Cemetery if it had not been for a relative who sort of negotiated for her remains to be placed here.

Colon Theater is famous for being the host for worldwide performances including that of Pavarotti's.

Floralis Generica: it's six petals open every morning and close at dusk.

San Isidro Cathedral: This neo-gothic cathedral was founded in 1898 and is located in Plaza Mitre in San Isidro.

While doing the Paraná River Delta tour, you will be able to see this Museo Casa Domingo Sarmiento.

Another interesting thing you will see during the boat tour is the first casino in Argentina which is now a museum.

Obelisk: considered as the most iconic image of Buenos Aires, the obelisk was erected in 1936 to commemorate the Fourth Centennial of the First Foundation of Buenos Aires.

Bridge of the Woman - Puerto Madero is a revolving bridge by Spanish architect Santiago de Calatrava, inaugurated in 2001.

Buque Museo Fragata A.R.A. Presidente Sarmiento is a museum ship named after the seventh president of Argentina, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento.

Museo del Bicentenario: a museum close to the Pink House, with lots of interesting collections. Entrance to the museum is free for the public so feel free to visit this museum.

There are lots of interesting buildings in Buenos Aires, one of which is the building of the Department of Defense.

Another building is the Department of Communications Building which reminds you of those buildings in Europe.

General San Martin Square is a square which originally served as barracks for the "Granaderos a Caballo" regiment.

Monumental Tower or Tower of the English People is a monument donated by the English residents in the centenary of the May Revolution.

The Gauchos of Pampas: Visiting Santa Susana Ranch was one of the highlights of this trip for me as I rode a horse for the first time. And of course, I got to meet some Gauchos!

Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti or the River Plate Stadium is home of the football club, River Plate. This stadium has a total capacity of 66, 145.

And when in Argentina, you simply can't miss watching a Tango show as tango is their national dance.

If you do not have the time to go to a real Tango show with dinner, you can simply go to a restaurant by day and watch a pair or two dance.

Iguazu Falls: The world's greatest waterfalls located both on the Argentinian and Brazilian side.

And of course, you can taste the tastiest beef in the world here in Argentina.

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