Review: Lufthansa B747 First Class, Frankfurt-Chicago

Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 bound for Chicago

Originally posted in September 5, 2014

Flight: LH432
Departure in Frankfurt: 17:20
Arrival in Chicago: 19:25
Equipment: Boeing 747-400
Flight duration: 9h 5m
Date of flight: June 3, 2014
Seat: 81C
*This is an award travel, First Class flight #20

Flying for the second time on Lufthansa in first class last June, I have to admit that I didn't expect much. My first time with them was not that impressive but fortunately, this flight turned out a bit better.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal

One of the things that makes flying from Frankfurt on Lufthansa in first class really special is you get to be driven in a Mercedes Benz direct to the aircraft since the Lufthansa First Class Terminal is in a remote area. Of course, you can also have the chance and be driven in a Porsche if luck is on your side.

My boarding pass from the Lufthansa passbook app

Since the first class cabin was located on the upper deck, I was able to check out the business class cabin on my way upstairs.

First Class Cabin, Upper Deck

Cabin, upper deck

Seat 81C

Again, a separate seat and bed only on Lufthansa 747-400 first class 👍

Lufthansa First Class, seat 81C

Lufthansa First Class bed on the Boeing 747-400

Upon settling in to my seat, the flight attendant came to welcome me and asked for my pre-departure drink. She also brought me the latest amenity kit which consisted of an Escada tablet case, skin care products from La Mer, toothpaste, toothbrush, ear plugs, socks, comb and eye mask. This time, I asked for the female version of the tablet case since I already have the male tablet case.

I also got a new pair of slippers and pajamas and I thought I'd ask for an extra large US size so I could give it to Mike.

A glass of champagne, water and some macadamia nuts


The personal screen was large enough and from the movie selection, I ended up watching Leonardo Di Caprio's "The Wolf of Wallstreet" which I thought was a nice movie.


Lufthansa First Class menu and wine card

Lufthansa First Class menu

Lufthansa First Class menu

Lufthansa First Class champagne, Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle

Lufthansa First Class Amuse Bouche 😋

Lufthansa First Class table setting

Lufthansa First Class Caviar With the Traditional Garnishes 👍

Lufthansa First Class appetizers cart

Lufthansa First Class appetizers: Canadian Lobster with Trilogy of Beetroot and Hazelnut

Lufthansa First Class soup: Cherry Gazpacho, Crayfish, Red Radish and Fava Beans

Lufthansa First Class main course: US Black Angus Beef Neck Steak, Eggplant and Achiote Potatoes

The other choices were:

White Asparagus served with Sauce Hollandaise, Black Forest Ham, boiled Ham and Parsley Potatoes

Monkfish, Chervil Bulgur, Fennel and Celery Sauce

Breast of Guinea Fowl Indian Style, curried Lentils, Carrot, Saffron Mayonnaise, Naan Bread

Lufthansa First Class cheese and dessert cart

Lufthansa First Class cheese and dessert, Green Shiso Sorbet, Lychee, Hibiscus Infusion

The other dessert was Whiskey Mascarpone Cream, confit of Green Tomato and Pineapple

Lufthansa First Class green tea and pralines

I was able to have a nap for a few hours on the separate bed and by the time I woke up, it was time for brunch.

Lufthansa First Class brunch

Brunch was served about one and a half hour before landing and although the food was okay, the service was a bit slow since the flight attendant kept on disappearing.

Lufthansa First Class cow which was included on the cheese plate during the brunch service. I actually skipped the cheese but asked the flight attendant if I could have the cow instead 😉

I thought the food was really good specially the US beef although I wished the service could have been better.

Landing in Chicago

Beautiful view of the Chicago skyline minutes before landing

Scheduled arrival time at Chicago O'Hare International Airport was at 7:25pm but actual landing was at 7:38pm. Fortunately, one of the last two American Airlines flights to New York La Guardia was delayed so I was able to make the connection.


I was happy that the purser offered to hang my clothes and kept them in the wardrobe when she saw them on my bed since during my first flight with them, none of the crew did it. The food was very good and I loved their Escada tablet case although the contents could have been better. The separate bed and seat was definitely something special. Lastly, the service was okay but still needs improvement. Overall, a nice flight.

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  2. Nice post about the LH F. How many ducks did you take with you?

    I also did a review about the LH F the other day. Please check it out at:


    1. Thanks Anna! Actually, I only got one duck ;)

      Great reviews on your website ;) Safe travels!


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