Top Attractions in Fiji

First visit: February 2013

In February 2013, Mike and I visited Fiji for the first time. This country has one of the best beaches in the world, no wonder a lot of tourists come here to relax and just enjoy the beauty of nature. We stayed at the Radisson BLU Resort Fiji and really enjoyed our stay there. It is hard to suggest which places are best to visit in Fiji since it is not really a country like Italy or France but a tropical paradise. Lastly, movies like The Blue Lagoon and Castaway have both been filmed in the islands of Fiji, a proof that they really have stunning beaches worth visiting.

Radisson BLU Resort Fiji

A visit to the urban center of Nadi where we witnessed a simple "ceremony" of welcoming the guests.

Then, it was time to make an excursion and visit the beautiful South Sea Island.


After our lunch, there were also some dancing and singing by the local people.

Time to leave the island...

Goodbye, paradise ;)

Hope to be back soon.

One of the many captivating islands of Fiji.

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