Review: Copa Club, Juan Santa Maria International Airport (SJO)

Location: International Terminal, in front of gate 4
Opening hours: 5am to 8pm

Copa Club lounge reception

Copa Club access

Copa Club seating area, a very nice corner I would say ;)

Copa Club seating area

There are 2 iMacs which is cool. There is also complimentary wifi where the password written on a small paper is given by the receptionist upon arrival.

Copa Club seating area

Copa Club dining area

Copa Club snacks and drinks selection

Copa Club dining area

Copa Club bar

Copa Club quiet area


This was the last lounge I visited and I thought this lounge was much better than the Santa Maria VIP Lounge. I was already on my way to the boarding gate and just decided to check this out. One of the staff saw me taking pictures and actually offered me to get some drinks and informed me that I could order some sandwhich and hot drinks but since I didn't have much time, I declined. Overall, a very nice lounge.