Exploring Skopje, North Macedonia


Stone Bridge, Skopje

First visit: March 2023
My Country #81

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Last week, Mike and I traveled to Skopje for the first time. We had originally planned to stay 4 nights in Warsaw but then decided to make a side trip to Skopje instead which actually turned out great. The weather was nice which was perfect as we were able to explore the city center by foot. As we had a late afternoon flight to Warsaw on our third day, we decided to visit the Matka Canyon which we highly recommend to all. We also had lunch in one of the restaurants there with breathtaking views. Below are some of my travel tips and as always, please feel free to comment on the comment section below for your own travel tips!

Skopje Fortress

Old Bazaar

Mustafa Pasa (15th century mosque which is the largest in Skopje).

History Museum & Academy of Arts

Dress shop in the Old Bazaar

Enjoying my lunch (Kebab) in one of the restaurants in the Old Bazaar 😋

Macedonian Orthodox Church (Ascension of Jesus)

National Gallery of Macedonia (housed in the old Turkish Hammam)

Macedonian Holocaust Museum

Museum of the Macedonian Struggle

Stone Bridge

Archaeological Museum of the Republic of Macedonia (with the Bridge of Civilisations in Macedonia)

Square Macedonia (with the Monument Alexander the Great Macedonian)

Macedonia Gate

Memorial House of Mother Teresa

Church of Saint Constantine and Helena

Museum of the City of Skopje

Macedonian Church, St. Clement of Ohrid

Inside the Cathedral

View of the National Arena from Skopje Fortress

Buses in Skopje 😉

Matka Canyon

We had lunch in the restaurant and the food was amazing just like the views 👍

Vrelo Cave