Retro Review: Thai A380 Business Class, Bangkok-Frankfurt

Thai A380 business class, Bangkok to Frankfurt

Flight: TG920
Departure time in Bangkok (BKK): 23:40
Arrival time in Frankfurt (FRA): 5:30 +1
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Seat: 16D
Duration: 11h 20m
Date of flight: January 9, 2014
*This is an award travel, Business Class flight #46

This is my fifth time flying in business class on Thai Airways Airbus 380 so I would just be concentrating on the meals served on this flight to Frankfurt.

EVA Air Lounge, Bangkok Airport Concourse F

Luckily, I have Star Alliance Gold status so I could visit the Eva Air Lounge even for just a few minutes. I did not realize then that I could also access this lounge even without my Star Alliance gold status as long as I am flying in business class 😉

Royal Silk Lounge, Concourse D

Next stop: Royal Silk Lounge of Thai Airways

SilverKris Lounge, Concourse A

If you have Star Alliance Gold status flying in economy and still have time to do lounge hopping, there is the Silver Kris Lounge.

After checking a few emails and having a light meal, I learned that the flight would be 30 minutes delayed due to late arrival of the aircraft. I remember having the same scenario a few months ago during our flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok with the same aircraft so I guess this is becoming more of a routine. Well, I hope not. About 10 minutes before boarding, I decided to head to the gate.


Boarding began at 11pm.

Seat 16D

My lovely seat 16D, which turns into a fully flat bed.

The business class amenity kit I got was something new, or at least new for my collection. The Porsche design pouch bag included brush and comb, slumber shade, earplugs, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, Bogner lip balm and body lotion, and comfort socks.

Personal screen

From their new releases, I watched "Elysium" and "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" which were actually pretty good.

Pre-Departure Beverage

A glass of water


Menu card and wine list

Menu card

Menu card

First Serving

Drinks trolley

A glass of water and apple juice to start the dinner.

First Course: Tuna Loin with mild chilli and Pesto Cream, ganache of duck Foie Gras, Asparagus & Endive

Main Course: Pork neck with Champignon Mushroom in Cream Sauce, Tossed Linguine, Buttered Vegetables 😋

Assorted cheese, Fresh Fruits

Dessert: Meringue with Fresh fruits, Raspberry Sauce

A380 Onboard Bar

Onboard bar 😉

Time to Sleep

After having a few hours sleep, I woke up having a slight headache so I asked one of the flight attendants for some Paracetamol. It actually helped. Afterwards, it was time for the second serving.

Second Serving

Fresh fruits and Yoghurt

Main Course: Frittata with Capsicum and Potatoes, Panfried Chicken Sausage, Potatoes  & Cream, Baked Tomato with Olive Oil and Fresh Herbs

Transit at Frankfurt International Airport

After landing at Frankfurt International Airport, I headed to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge, again thanks to my Star Alliance Gold Status.


Again, another great flight with Thai Airways from Bangkok to Frankfurt. I just love their superjumbo with their business class seats that turn into a fully flat bed. Apart from being delayed, the service was once again exceptional. The food was very good although I remember that the bread were a bit hard probably due to the fact that we were about an hour delayed and that it was prepared quite early. The Bulgari perfumes inside the lavatory were much better than the old Aigner products they had on my last flight. Overall, a very enjoyable flight back to Europe 😉