January 31, 2019

Photo Review: China Airlines Dynasty Lounge, T1 Taipei Taoyuan (TPE)

China Airlines Dynasty Lounge, Terminal 1 Taipei Taoyuan Airport

Location:  Terminal 1, by gates 63 to 65
Access:  China Airlines Business Class passengers, SkyTeam elite members; Malaysia Airlines business class passengers, Malaysia Airlines Sapphire and Emerald status members; Star Alliance Gold members flying on airlines like Singapore Air and Turkish Airlines
Opening hours:  Daily, 5:30am to 11pm

Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Lounge Signage

Lounge Entrance & Reception

Lounge entrance


Business Class Section



Smoked duck, beef sausage, smoked pork ham, smoked beef with black pepper

Wok Fried Bean Curd, Rice, Chinese Cabbage, Vegetarian Minced Pork, Egg

Fried broccolli, fried sweet potato, fried hon shimeji, fried yam rolls

Dim sum , meat bun

Formosa beef noodles, Danzai noodles (pork), braised minced pork noodles 

I tried the Formosa beef noodles and it was soooo good 😋😋

Vegetarian soup noodles

Yakult 😉

Espresso machine

Juices, wine

Nap Room

1 of 2 nap rooms

Family Corner


Flight Departures Screen

Work & Entertainment

Business center


Reading materials
Toilet & Shower Suite


Shower suite

Shower suite

Shower suite

Shower suite

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