Review: Singapore Air NEW B787-10 Business Class, Bangkok-Singapore

Singapore Air New Boeing 787-10 Business Class, Bangkok to Singapore

I had a few miles on Singapore Air which were about to expire in May so I looked at some possibilities to use it. Back in March, I read on the internet about Singapore Air using their newly delivered Boeing 787-10 (they are the launch customer) to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur for familiarization flights. I thought it would be cool to check out their new plane so I immediately looked up for some reward availability on their website. Fortunately, they had availability on the same day I'd be in Bangkok. In the end, I was able to book Bangkok-Singapore-Kuala Lumpur on their new Boeing 787-10 in business class using 20K Singapore Air miles which I thought was a very great deal 😍

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Flight: SQ973
Departure time in Bangkok (BKK): 9:40
Arrival time in Singapore (SIN): 13:05 Terminal 2
Aircraft: Boeing 787-10 (9V-SCB)
Seat: 11A
Duration: 2h 25m
Date of flight: April 17, 2018
*This is a redemption ticket, Business Class flight #164

Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge, Bangkok

Silverkris Lounge, Bangkok Airport

Arriving in Bangkok Airport from my Qatar Airways flight from Doha, I went straight to the THAI Royal Silk Lounge in the E Concourse and then transferred to the THAI Royal Orchid Lounge opposite which have nap rooms. I was able to sleep a bit, took a shower and around 8:20am, headed to the Singapore Air Silverkris Lounge. I've read on the internet that seats 11A and 11K are the best seats since they have an extra storage space in a form of a bassinet. Upon arriving in the lounge, I kindly asked the agents if 11A was available as it was blocked during on line check-in. They confirmed it was and immediately booked the seat for me although I was told I need to get the new boarding pass in the gate. Around 8:50am, I left the lounge for the departure gate.

Boarding, Gate D6

Gate D6, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Boarding started at 9:17am beginning with those passengers flying in business class and those with status.

Aircraft, NEW Boeing 787-10

Singapore Air Boeing 787-10


The business class cabin is in a 1-2-1 configuration with a total of 36 seats. The window seats in row 11 are both closer to the aisle while the middle seats are farther to the aisle. The window seats in row 12 on the other hand have the window seats farther to the aisle (but closer to the window) and the middle seats closer to the aisle. The seats in row 14 have the same lay out as row 11, with this lay out alternating until row 20, the last row.

Singapore Air Boeing 787-10 business class cabin

There were only 13 seats occupied on this flight so I was able to take pictures rather calmly 😉

Being a modern plane, wifi HAS to be there with 30MB free use 😉

Seat, 11A

My seat 11A 😍

As I boarded, I was greeted by a flight attendant who showed me to my seat. I commented how beautiful and new the aircraft was and she said it was only a month old 😍

Because of the (smaller) size of the Dreamliner, the seats here were also narrower, unlike of course that of Qatar Airways herring bone configuration 😉 Already waiting at my seat was a nice pillow and a blanket. The 3-point seatbelt system (shoulder harness) reminded me of the one THAI uses on their A380 business class seat which I personally don't like much.

As you can see, the right armrest is really narrow.

Light controls

Personal screen

From the movie selection, I ended up watching "The Dark Knight".

IFE controller and headphones

To the left of my seat is a vanity mirror ...

With the mirror closed, you'll find a small storage for ...

the headphones plus two USB charging ports and one power port. There is also a hook for the headphones.

Headphones jack (pretty much like the ones on Etihad A380 First Apartment), light and seat controls and IFE controller.

Inflight magazines, air sickness bag, safety card

Magazine rack to the left of the foot cubby

Foldable tray table

Tray table

Safety reminders 😉

Coat hook

Reading lamps but no personal vents

The beautiful blanket and pillow combo 😉

As this is a regional business class seat (to be used on Osaka and Perth flights among others) the seats are fully flat beds 👍 This is definitely a huge improvement to their old regional business class seats, like the one we flew on to Perth a few years ago.

There are two advantages seat 11A (and 11K) offers:

The foot cubby is wider 👍

You get an extra storage where you can keep your bag or other things handy during the flight.

As for the rest of the seats in the cabin, you have a narrower foot cubby and the extra storage is missing so make sure you book these seats especially on longer flights.

Moments after settling in (around 9:22am), I was offered some newspapers but I declined. I was also offered some predeparture beverage and opted for a glass of water. Then, a hot towel was offered, followed by the immigration forms.


Airshow enroute to Singapore

Around 9:36am, the captain came on the PA to welcome us onboard and to give some flight information including our flight time of 1 hour and 55 minutes.

Inflight Safety Video

Four minutes later, the NEWish inflight safety video was played on the screen. Pushback followed and around 9:56am, we had our take off.


Seafood Noodles 😋

The service was a bit interesting as the crew actually started serving the passengers seating on the right aisle of the cabin which were seats 11F and 11K, all the way to row 20 then, from row 20 on the left aisle going up to row 11 (making me the last passenger to receive the meal). It could be that there were only few passengers so they decided to use only one trolley but still, it was a very slow process. Unfortunately, there was no menu card although the meal choices were seafood noodles or selection of dumplings and I chose the former. It was already 10:17am when I received my meal although it was worth the wait as it was phenomenal 😋 I also had green tea and apple juice for my drinks.

To end the meal service, hot towels and a bottle of mineral water were offered.


I thought the lavatory was spacious.

Toiletries from the British company Penhaligon's


Seating while tying my shoes 😉

Orchids 👍

Landing at Singapore Changi Airport

Around 12:15pm, the captain was back on the PA to inform us that we'd be starting our descent soon with the current temperature of 32 degrees and an expected arrival time of 12:50pm. We landed around 12:49pm and reached our gate in Terminal 2 nine minutes later.


It was definitely cool to have flown on one of the newest business class seats out there and from Singapore Airlines, you could only expect the best. I loved the design of the cabin as well as the seats. The vanity mirror and seat/light control panels and nice blanket were additional plus. Unfortunately, I found the right armrest too narrow I wonder if it would really serve it's purpose. The meal service where I ended up being the last one to be served even if I was seated in 11A was a bit puzzling although the meal paid up for it 😉 Lastly, the crew were all very friendly as always. Overall, it was an enjoyable flight and something flyers to Osaka and Perth should look forward to. To all the crew on this flight, Terima Kasih 😍