Review: THAI B747 First Class, Bangkok-Sydney

THAI First Class Oscietra Caviar, Bangkok to Sydney 😉

Trip to Sydney and Flying with the Princess of Thailand in THAI First Class

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Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Flight: TG475
Departure time in Bangkok (BKK): 17:50
Arrival time in Sydney (SYD): 07:10 (+1)
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Seat: 1K
Duration: 9h 20m
Date of flight: March 1, 2018
*This is an award travel, First Class flight #48

THAI Royal First Lounge, Bangkok Airport

I had about 12 hours lay over in Bangkok and I had originally decided I'd go to the city but since I was still tired (and jet lagged) decided to stay at the airport.

Royal First Lounge, Bangkok Airport

Around 7am, I decided to order some breakfast consisting of some bacon, sausages, toast, fruits and watermelon juice 😋

Then, I had the complimentary full body massage at the Royal Orchid Spa 👍

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Concourse D

From the spa, I headed directly to the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge which opened in May last year.

Then, I went back to the THAI First Lounge and used one of their slumber rooms where I slept for a few hours.

Boarding, Gate C7

THAI normally offers a golf cart ride from the lounge to the boarding gate but since I wanted to take pictures of the aircraft, etc. I decided to go to the gate earlier and left the lounge around 4:55pm.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Concourse C

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Concourse C

As per Australian law, you are only allowed 1 liter of liquid in your hand carry with a maximum of 100ml on each bottle. Those who have duty free items need to have them sealed, where they are able to pick them up later. Passports were also checked. Boarding started at 5:27pm starting with those needing assistance followed by first and business class passengers. It would have been better if they had a separate boarding for first and business class passengers but I guess not many airlines are doing it anymore.

Aircraft, Boeing 747-400

The beautiful Boeing 747 flying us to Sydney ✈


This Boeing 747 version is the same as the one I flew with from Tokyo, with nine semi private suites 😉

In front of seat 2E are reading materials like magazines and newspapers.

Seat 1K

As I boarded, I was greeted by two flight attendants who had a hard time locating my seat number on my mobile boarding pass 😉 After sort of helping them, I was shown to my seat and helped to put my luggage in the coatroom.

When I booked my seat, 1A and 3K where already taken so I chose seat 1K.

Welcome to my seat 1K 😉

My home for the next 9 hours or so 😍😍

Light and seat controls


Personal screen

As a standard, I was offered a pre-departure drink (Dom Perignon) but declined. I had to take a picture of it though 😉

THAI first class movie selection

THAI first class headphones

Entertainment controller, USB ports and headphones socket

The amenity kit was already waiting at my seat (with the same contents as on my THAI flight from Tokyo to Bangkok) while the pajama was offered moments later.

At 5:50pm, the captain came on the PA with his usual welcome message, and informed us that we are in the last phase of boarding. Moments later, one of the FAs came to my seat to with the line "It would be midnight in Bangkok when we serve breakfast on this flight, would you like to wake me up for breakfast?" I really thought it was unnecessary that she mentioned it to me and to other passengers (I overheard the same line when she was talking to the passenger at seat 1A) since passengers might have a full day of activity ahead of them, which was my case as I was joining the Singelresor group with the full day tour of Sydney that same day. I ended up choosing the Rice Vermicelli Soup with Braised Pork from the Anytime Cuisine choices since I'm not a fan of omelettes for breakfast.

View from my seat


Airshow en route to Sydney

Inflight Safety Video

Boarding was completes at 6:05pm and 3 minutes later, the inflight safety video was played. By this time, only 4 passengers were in the first class cabin, me and three others seating in the window seats, left side of the cabin.

THAI inflight safety video

We started our pushback at 6:10pm and 19 minutes later we had our take off.

View minutes after take off 😉

The seatbelt sign was turned off around 6:38pm and 15 minutes later, meal service began.


THAI first class menu card and wine list in a nice folder

THAI beverage list and the DOM Perignon champagne 😍

THAI first class red and white wines

Bangkok to Sydney menu

Anytime Cuisine and Breakfast

First served was a mushroom and avocado combination. It was very good although the avocado mix was a bit spicy so I did not eat much. I also had a cup of green tea.

Next, my table was set up and moments later, a bread basket, roasted garlic and White Sturgeon Caviar were served 😍

Oscietra Caviar

I really loved the presentation, using a shell and some ice cubes 👍

Grilled Tiger Prawn Aumoniere, Mushroom Ragout and Balsamic

I thought the combination was good although there were a lot of feta cheese (and which I did not like much).

I was also offered something to drink and I had a glass of apple juice. I totally forgot their delicious guava juice although I remembered it eventually and order it during breakfast 😉

The Lobster Bisque was phenomenal, as in 😋😋😋 I was also continuously offered refill of drinks.

As I had pre-ordered the Lobster Thermidor, the flight attendant came with it moments after clearing my soup cup. It was very good although the Lobster Bisque was still my favorite on this flight.

The other choices were:

Thai Spice Roasted Lamb Chops (Samrab Thai)

Roasted Pork Rips with Eggplant in Green Curry

Wagyu Beef Fillet

Seared Tiger Prawns and Frog Legs 😊😊😊

I was also offered some desserts and cheese and just opted for a fruit plate as I was really full by this time.

Turndown Service

As expected, they offered to make up the bed after the meal service.

We were also given Immigration forms ...

... and a Fast Track card 👍 The cabin chief also came to my seat to check if everything was okay. Moment later, we were also given a bottle of Acqua Panna mineral water.


THAI first class lavatory

Inside the lavatory, there is a hydrating fluid and cologne spray by Payot and some dental kits. One thing I immediately noticed was there were no orchids inside the lavatory. Departing from Bangkok, they really should have it 😉

THAI first class lavatory


I woke up around 5:02am with about 2 hours left to Sydney and since I couldn't sleep anymore, decided to watch a film. Around 5:27am, I was offered something to drink and I chose a glass of guava juice.

My favorite guava juice 😋

About 5:35am, hot towels were offered, which was followed by the setting of table and the first item for breakfast, a very nicely presented fruit plate 👍

For my drinks, I had a cup of green tea.

The yogurt and cereals (or was it Bircher Muesli) was very good 😋

For my entree, I had the Rice Vermicelli Soup with Braised Pork which was fantastic 😋

Condiments for the soup

I was glad I chose this soup as I found the breakfast choices a bit weak.

Landing at Sydney Airport

Around 6:30am, an announcement was made on the PA reminding the passengers about taking food into Australia. Moments later, the cabin chief came to my seat to thank me for flying with THAI.

View on approach to Sydney

I did not have a good view from the side of the cabin I was seated so I guess I would pick a seat on the left side of the cabin next time.

We landed at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport at 7am, and was at Gate 59 seven minutes later 👍

I was one of the passengers to disembark and having a Swedish passport, I was able to use one of the ePassport self service machines 👍👍

I was through with immigration in no time and took the train to the city where I'd meet our group for a full day city tour 😉


This was actually my 10th time to fly in THAI first class and just like any other first class flights, there are nice and not so nice things. The great THAI First Class Lounge is always a joy to visit and the complimentary full body massage was amazing 😍 I was glad that they had caviar service on this flight and the presentation was one of the nicest I've seen. The Lobster Bisque was one of the best soups I've had on a plane 😋 The new contents of the Rimowa amenity kit was a big plus, as well as the Fast Track in Sydney.

On the other hand, I did not like when the flight attendant had to mention about the time in Bangkok when they serve breakfast, because it sounded to me that she was sort of discouraging me to have breakfast. The breakfast selection was also pretty weak in my opinion. The no-show of orchids in the lavatory was also a minus. Overall, it was still an enjoyable flight since the crew were friendly, the food was great and I was able to sleep for a few hours on their fully flat "beds" 😍