Review: SAS Plus, Malaga-Stockholm

SAS Plus meal, Malaga to Stockholm

Flight: SK 1584
Departure time in Malaga (AGP): 12:25
Arrival time in Stockholm (ARN): 16:45
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Seat: 9A
Duration: 4h 20min
Date of flight: December 16, 2017
*Revenue Ticket, Business Class flight #140

Review: SAS Plus, Stockholm-Malaga
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Review: SAS Plus, Malaga-Stockholm

Here's a video review of this flight from my YouTube channel.

Malaga International Airport Terminal 3

We arrived at the airport around 10:10am for our 12:25pm flight.

Departures Hall

Malaga Airport Departures Hall

Fast Lane

We already had our mobile boarding passes so we headed straight to security. Unfortunately, there was no fast track for SAS Plus passengers nor for Star Alliance Gold members 👎


Unfortunately, SAS had also stopped offering lounge access to its SAS Plus passengers at airports where they don't have their own lounge nor a Star Alliance Lounge.

Aircraft, Boeing 737-800

SAS Boeing 737-800 named Egil Viking bound for Stockholm

Boarding, Gate D52

Around 11:40am, passengers from the SAS incoming flight arrived and about 13 minutes later, boarding started. Those flying in SAS Plus from rows 1-12 were given priority boarding as usual.

It's boarding time 😉

SAS Plus Cabin

The SAS Plus cabin was from rows 1-12 with a 3-3 configuration.

Seat, 9A

My seat, 9A was a window. Fortunately, the cabin was only about 75-80% full so the seat beside me was not occupied.


SAS inflight magazines and Safety Instruction card

Boarding was completed around 12:13pm and five minutes later, we started our push back. The safety demonstration by the crew also started as there were no screens. Around 12:25pm, we had a smooth take off.

View after take off


Around 12:56pm, hot towels were offered.

The meal consisted of the usual cold meal and hot bread/muffin bar. For my drinks, I settled for a Ringi apple juice.

To end the meal service, coffee and tea were served accompanied by some pralines 😍


There was only one lavatory located in the front of the cabin, on the left side.

SAS Plus lavatory

We landed at Stockholm Arlanda Airport around 4:34pm, about ten minutes ahead of schedule.


As for my return flight to Stockholm, there was actually not much difference. The meal was okay, the seat beside me was vacant (fortunately) and the flight attendants were friendly. Unfortunately, there was no fast track nor lounge access so this is really something SAS has to ponder if they really want to make their passengers flying in SAS Plus satisfied. Overall, a nice flight with a few room for improvement.