Review: LATAM B787-9 Business Class, Madrid-Frankfurt

LATAM Boeing 787-9 business class cabin

Flight: LA 704
Departure time in Madrid (MAD): 15:00 (actual 15:21)
Arrival time in Frankfurt (FRA): 17:40 (actual 17:58)
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Seat: 4A
Duration: 2h 37min
Date of flight: November 9, 2017
*Revenue Ticket, Business Class flight #138

Video Review

Madrid Barajas Airport Terminal 4

For my 3pm flight, I was at the airport around 12:20pm and directly headed to the check-in desks LATAM was using.

Check-in Desks, 940-949

I was immediately helped by a friendly agent at the business class check-in desk and moments later, I was given my boarding pass.

Security & Fast Track

I did not ask about the Fast Track location but since there were signage, I just followed the signs.

Unfortunately, upon arriving at the Fast Track section, I was told by the staff that LATAM is not paying for this service for their business class passengers so I had to use the normal lane. Fortunately, the queue was not that long and I was through in a few minutes. Interestingly, aside from the see-through plastic bags to be used for the liquids, they also provided disposable shoe/foot covering which is the first time I have seen in an airport πŸ‘

Sala DalΓ­ Lounge, Terminal 4

A few steps after security is the Sala DalΓ­ Lounge and although the agent told me it is better to use the Velazquez lounge located in Terminal 4S, she allowed me to come in for a few minutes as I told her I just wanted to have a quick look πŸ˜‰

IBERIA Velazquez VIP Lounge, Terminal 4S

Then, I took the train to Terminal 4S and stayed at the newly renovated IBERIA Velazquez VIP Lounge until it was time for boarding.

Aircraft, Boeing 787-9

The beautiful Boeing 787-9 flying us to Frankfurt πŸ˜‰

Boarding, Gate U55 Terminal 4S

I left the lounge a few minutes past 2pm for the scheduled 2:20pm boarding. Moments after arriving at the departure gate, boarding started with business class passengers and those with status getting priority boarding.


This is the same aircraft I flew with the day before so I was already familiar with the seat features, etc. On this flight, there were about 16 passengers in the cabin.

Seat, 4A

My seat 4A was a window seat.

The aircraft was actually refuelling so we were told not to fasten our seat belt although I noticed that it was not implemented strictly as I saw two guys who had their seat belts fastened.

Personal screen

Seat controls

Headphones and IFE controls

Inflight magazines, Duty Free magazine and Safety Instruction Card

LATAM business class pillow and blanket

I guess pillows and blankets are not normally offered on this flight but since the cabin was a bit cold and there were some pillows and blankets left in the overhead bin, I decided to use them πŸ˜‰ The blanket was actually very nice and reminded me of the blankets offered on Etihad First Apartment πŸ‘

Movie Selection

Pre-Departure Drinks

Moments after settling in, I was greeted by a friendly flight attendant who offered me something to drink with a choice of champagne, Pisco Sour and water. I settled for a glass of Pisco Sour which was served with some nuts and a glass of water. When I asked her if Pisco Sour is from Chile, she replied that it is from Peru although they love to call it their own as well.

We were also offered hot towels, magazines and newspapers. A few minutes before 3pm, the inflight service manager came on the PA to welcome us on board.

In-flight Safety Video

Moments later, the inflight safety video started to play.

Parked to our left was IBERIA's A340-600 named Salvador DalΓ­.


Around 3:05, Francisco the Inflight Service Manager came to our seats to introduce himself. Ten minutes later, the captain came on the PA and greeted us "Good Morning" and apologized for the delay and told that we would be ready in 5 minutes.

Pushback was at 3:20pm and after almost 20 minutes, we were airborne πŸ˜‰


Minutes after the seat belt sign was off, the flight attendants started with the meal service.

The flight attendants used a trolley while serving the meal.

All were served on a tray and was presented nicely. The meal consisted of salad, chicken and dessert which tasted very good πŸ˜‹ Unfortunately, the bread was cold.

For my drinks, I had apple juice and water.

To end the meal, we were offered coffee and tea and I settled for a cup of green tea. I also asked if they had toothpick and was told they don't have them.


The lavatory featured the usual body lotion, body perfume and refreshing towels.

LATAM business class lavatory


Airshow enroute to Frankfurt

We landed at Frankfurt Airport at 5:45pm although it was a long taxi and by the time we reached gate B44, it was already 5:58pm.


I loved the fact that LATAM is using the newly renovated Velazquez Lounge since it is a really nice lounge. The service was friendly and warm and I thought the food offering was very good for such a short flight. The seat of course was fully flat, thanks to it being used to fly to Chile as well. Small little things though were the fast track not being offered to business class passengers and the bread which was served cold. Overall, I really enjoyed flying LATAM business class and would not hesitate flying with them again on this route, and maybe on a longer one when the opportunity comes πŸ˜‰